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    I doubt laxatives will help. If anything they'll just mask the problem. I take a tablespoon of Benefiber a day and up to two depending on how I'm feeling. Ingredients will probably freak you out just as much as they did me; says gluten...
  2. Before going to the doctor's, I'm eliminating dairy as a test. I've read that dairy could be the problem if I'm not healed and able to absorb the lactose. So I'm dairy free for a while and then if that doesn't solve my problem, off to the...
  3. So what, I go to the doctor's and get a endoscopy every time I have contamination issues?!! Really? If my fissures just won't heal they will have to cauterize them and every time I get contaminated I get fissures...so there's no other...
  4. Last I heard, they were just fissures. They have healed on their own before... I don't really have a doctor I go to. My NP brought this to my attention without any testing. I just eliminated the gluten and healed up.
  5. I had no idea this would be an issue. I didn't even think about it. I ride but not as often as I'd like and I don't own a horse...I haven't ridden since being diagnosed so I guess that's something to take into consideration.
  6. This may be graphic and I'm sorry for having to post this online. The easily disturbed are advised to leave this post now. I was diagnosed back in November and began the diet right away. My symptoms were bleeding from the anus with very...