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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. OPI is gluten free!
  3. Hello, you can be gluten intolerant and not have celiac. If you have an intolerance to gluten it will not cause damage to your intestines, just create symptoms (IBS). Your blood work will not be accurate because antibodies to gluten are only produced if you have celiac and are currently eating gluten. If you stop eating gluten your body stops producing the antibodies. Everyone with celiac has different symptoms, not every one has weight loss. In order for you gastro to diagnose celiac you have to be eating gluten. the biopsies from your small bowl can only be positive if you are eating gluten(the villi will be flatened). Most gastros have a rule about how long you have to be consuming gluten before they perfore a endoscopy to test for celiac disease(around 3 months). Don't accept IBS for a diagnosis untill you have had an endoscopy and colonoscopy to rule out other issues. Many diseases' can cause those symptoms you describe including: candida overgrowth, microscopic colitis, Lactose intolerance, other intolerances and allergies. Good Luck
  4. 024Mandy

    Always Sick

    I'm 19 I am sick all the time aswell. I get a cold about every 2 months, sometimes more often. Did you know that if you are diagnosed with celiac you are a candidate for the flu shot? you will get it for free! ( at least you do in canda) Mandy
  5. 024Mandy


    I think that you should stay away from Aveeno, even if you are just applying to you body, you will get it on your hands, then if you touch your face or food you will be contaminted. Remember it only takes 20 ppm to cause damage! Unilever lists explicitly and they make lots of brands of lotion like vaseline. good luck.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I know exactly how you feel. about a year and a half ago when I was diagnosed with ceilac my iron was at 2, B-12 and hemagloben or how ever you spell it were also extremely low, and I had no idea at the time. I was so used to sleeping all the time and having no energy I didn't know anything was wrong. Now when I look back I should have noticed that there was something going on. I would sleep for at least 10 hours a day and take naps. If I fell asleep during the day It would take my boyfriend 30 mins to wake me up. I was always talking in my sleep and I would appear to wake up(sit up and talk) but still be sleeping. Sometimes He wouldn't be able to wake me up so he would just carry me up to bed. I couldn't do any exercise. I would fall asleep when we had friends over, at the movie theatre, and a bunch of other places. It took me months to get my iron up to normal levels. I used pills, they never did put me on injections. anyway be patiant It will come along. good luck
  7. 024Mandy

    Please Help Me!

    When I have consumed a large amount of gluten or any amount( by mistake of course!) I have not reacted at all. In fact I have never had a reaction and I started the gluten-free diet over a year ago. Why do you think nothing happends???
  8. 024Mandy

    Please Help Me!

    I usually eat alot of fresh vegetables and meats, alot of rice(its my favorite!) and other starches. I know I should eat more fruit. I only have bread once in a while because I don't have time to keep up with making it. I eat on a pretty regular schedual (breakfast around 6, lunch 11:30, supper about 5:30 )I find that if I eat more often and smaller meals I have to use the bathroom more often so I can keep bm's undercontrol better if I eat 3 meals and about at the same time everyday. I think I eat pretty healthy I do most cooking myself and I'm pretty small but I have a large appetite. I eat alot of soy products ( icecream, creamcheese, milk). I occasionaly eat dairy but I take lactase enzymes. I try to stay away from junk food like chips, candy and other processed packaged foods, but popcorn gets the best of me. So this is my 4th day on a very basic diet (vegys fruit chicken rice) and there has been no improvement. I will stay on the diet for about 3 or 4 more days. If I dont get better I guess I can blame the MC or RCD, which stinks becasue there is nothing I can do about it. I was sure it was going to be the casein!
  9. 024Mandy

    Please Help Me!

    My antibody count has returned to normal which means that I have not been consuming gluten. Also my Doctor said that the damage was not active celiac disease(meaning reoccuring damage). The damage they detected is villi that have not healed since being on the diet ( I am worried that I may have RCD). But if you still want to know I eat mostly food from Kinickinnick. thanks
  10. 024Mandy

    Please Help Me!

    Hello, that sound like great advice, I had no idea that you could be intolerant to the protien in cows milk. Which reminded me that when I was a baby my parents could only feed me goats milk because I was allergic to cows milk. I am thinking there is a good chance I have grown intolerant to the casein. Starting today I am going to only eat the chicken, rice, fruits, and vegetables. How long should I stay on it if I am not improving? maybe 7 days? also, could I drink tea? margerine? spices? sugar?
  11. HI, I am 19 years old and have been sick since I was a kid( Usually with rashes, swelling, anemia, and joint pain). Never getting any answers I learned to deal with symptons with Diphenhydramine. I started experiencing gut symptoms when I was 16 years old. extreme stomache pain and the 'D' every day. I was being passed off as IBS without having tests done( although at the time I didnt drink alcohol, coffee, eat meat and discovered I was also lactose intollerant). After moving to a new city and being stressed about my BM being unpredictable I saw a new doctor who immediatly tested for celiac disease( by blood, which I also discovered my iron was at 2!). When I found out it was positive my parents took me to ND within the week to get my biopies done( It was at least a 6 month wait here). They were positive and I started a Gluten Free Diet After I left the hospital. It has now been over a year on an extremely strict gluten free diet and no lactose and live in a gluten free house. I have not felt even the slightest bit better. I had been on a wait list for colonoscopy and repeat endoscopy and had them completed Jan 29th. I have just got the results that I also have microscopic colitis and still have damage from celiac( that may show signs of healing, since this is a new doctor from the one who did my first tests I dont know if he could make an accurate conclusion??). I also have been on Plaquenil for about 8 months for my rashes and joints and its working! I am currently triing to find a proper dose of imodium to deal with symptoms and its not going well. My Doctor has a personality problem and is not giving me proper answers. I guess my questions are how do I know if its the colitis or celiac symptoms? I have ate gluten by accident( once at my parents I had 3 buns made from flour, I thought they were gluten free ones) and I didnt feel any different, no worse no better. My gluten antibodies have returned to normal and am able to keep my iron and b12 at proper levels ( with supplements). I have had constant 'D' with bloating and pain for 3 years without any changes. I am really frustrated and need to find someone who can help me get through this. I have so many questions and cant find the answers(especially for MC). Thanks