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  1. Hey, if you goto the Ghirardelli site they list the possible sources of cross contamination. I usually eat the squares and they appear to be ok The following Ghirardelli
  2. In response to your posting re. high blood pressure~ I have noticed that when I accidently ingest gluten(especially large amounts)my blood pressure spikes. I usually run about 111/74 and today-after being "glutened" Saturday night it was 145/90 and I feel awful? I am starting to feel better tonight and my BP is slowly coming down. BP spikes and chest pain were some of the symptoms that led to my diagnosis(via biopsy11/08). I don't usually suffer from the common symptoms loose stools etc. just stomach pain, reflux and "not feeling well".
  3. My favorite is defintely Blackthorn Cider-it is a dry cider and great for those who dislike a dry cider. I am also a beer fan and since I am not a fan of the gluten free beers on the market it seems to satisfy my craving. Also a note on Hornsbys cider NOT A GOOD IDEA I drank a couple one night and woke up at 3am with huge stomach cramps and reflux(does anyone else get these symptoms?). I have also heard the Spires Cider is great.
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