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Undiagnosed Celiac Disease ~ 43 years

3/26/09 gluten-free - dignosed celiac - blood 3/3/09, biopsy 3/26/09, double DQ2 / single DQ8 positive

10/27/09 diagnosed fibromyalgia - supplemented with amino acids - improvement followed by substantial deterioration

maybe one good hour per day for ~17 months

8/10/11 - Elimination Diet for Autoimmune Disease - incredible improvement along with clear reactions to most high lectin foods

only remaining symptom - severe heat intolerance / reaction to heat, humidity and exercise
Tomato, Pepper, Potato, Peanut, Soy, Bean, Pea, Citrus, Pineapple, Avocado, Shellfish, Dairy, Grain, Nut and Seed FREE

3/1/12 - Horrible flare -- same ol' symptoms but worse ~ 7/1/12 - Endo: Active Celiac 3+ years - as gluten-free as humanly possible.

11/15/12 - Improving once again - Almonds back - Eggs gone

12/1/12 - Histamine containing and inducing foods FREE -- probable cause of my heat/exercise "allergy"...

...this was one of my earliest symptoms as a child -- the enzyme (DAO) needed to regulate histamine is created in the small intestine.

10/25/13 - MCAD - symptoms plus positive Prostaglandin/N-Methylhistamine - trialing combos of H1, H2 and Mast Cell Stabilizers

9/20/15 - Mastocytic Endocolitis (too many mast cells in the mucosal lining of the small intestine)

If you have read this far - hang in there - obtaining health with any AI is a marathon, not a sprint!


Volunteer Celiac.com Board Moderator - Retired April 14, 2014

  1. Yes. The damage to the small intestine mucosa can be caused by too many mast cells or celiac disease or both. Not around here much lately, popped in to quote an old post. You should ask your doctors for complete antibody testing...be sure you are still consuming enough gluten. Good...
  2. So sorry Gem! Just saw this...don't log on much any more. I do know folks with primary hives and other allergic type symptoms without any IgE allergies. If these present in someone with celiac, NCGS or other gastro symptoms, I would highly suggest proper mast cell staining. This can be done...
  3. Hi Maby! It was a very long road after celiac diagnosis, but we have learned conclusively that we have too many mast cells in the mucosal lining of the small intestine which is responsible for non-responsive celiac disease and many autoimmune and allergic type symptoms. Other things can...
  4. Not sure I used the quote feature correctly. perhaps I wasn't clear...I believe the endoscopy is an essential component of diagnosing mast cell disease. It can be very difficult to find a Gasterenterologist that has accurate and up to date knowledge of both celiac disease and mast cell disorders...
  5. Hi DarkAngel....increasing anaphylactic events to many triggers, both known and unknown is very scary. I am not around here much anymore...but email alerts are still going to me regarding other food intolerances. I wanted to add to cycling lady's suggestion regarding Mast Cell Activation. ...
  6. Karen lit the super silly signal....I'm thankful she did. So very sorry to read this news. You sound at peace which shows what a remarkable person you are....you will be missed by those you've helped as well as those whom have shared time with you... in the real world or through our keyboards...
  7. Love it! That would have been welcomed at California ... Especially the Labor Day race used to be hot as hell...I paid 25 bucks one season for the water truck to fill a kiddy pool...everyone laughed at me until they ended pulling their camp chairs to the edge to dangle their feet in my pool!...
  8. We have a potato canon...kids used it infield at California speedway for a couple seasons without getting caught ... Mischief makers...no idea how that happened Dinner is KFG lasagna.
  9. Don't think you did anything wrong. K provided a link that said melt butter on the iron and some other stuff. I went with that and the fact that you said sweet potato didn't work and squeezed as much moisture out of my grated yams as possible. Oh...and turned the heat down to lowest setting as...
  10. Dad came to see mom so I ran home for real food and to take care of other details of life. Wanted fresh food so ended up grating two yams...out of sweet potato Then I squeezed the hell out of them in a tea towel...used butter in the iron then threw the grated yam and garlic salt on top...worked...
  11. Can't do potato...but do have some sweet potato frozen fries that might work. Thanks K
  12. Waffle iron hash browns is a brilliant idea....I think I'll throw some shredded sweet potato in my iron when I get home today. Thanks Ruth I threw a whole chicken with a bunch of fresh rosemary and a bit of broth in KFG before I left to check on mom this morning. I should be home to move...
  13. I'm dining out of my go bag. Mom was transferred from hospital to rehab and caught a nasty bug along the way...so I'm sticking with her for now until her lungs clear. So almonds, Justin's chocolate almond butter, astronaut veggie/fruit squeezes along with tons of coffee PS...I think Sandie...
  14. Yummy zoodles....I eat them with all kinds of sauce or butter and garlic....good stuff! Recently replaced my large countertop spirilizer with a handlehld little one that works great with less clean up...shaped like two cones with their tips joined...I think I may have linked to it before...will...