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  1. Hi guys, In Kingston (SA) hospital there was a Doctor Stompe who completed assessment using the "mora" machine, my parents have been diagnosed with various allergies by him. Unfortunately he no longer does this. Does anyone know somewhere else (preferably in SA or VIC) where someone else practices this? I very much need to be tested. Thanks.
  2. I agree with the others, the drink really is the worst bit! It's OK the first few times but by the end of it I felt so drained and sick, it was horrible. Good thing though is that I over prepared for it (people not being able to use "my" bathroom, etc.) and i didn't even have to go that much lol. I do suggest having baby wipes or something of the sort rather than toilet paper. My throat was fine after the night I had it done, but my stomach was sore for about 3 days afterwards.
  3. Hi guys, i'm new here and hoping I could get some advice For about 2 years now i've had a lot of stomach pains, gas, dizziness, faint feeling, chest pain, body tingles and shakes, irregular heartbeats, Const., etc. I've spent thousands of dollars on doctors, tests, and other things. I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance last year after having multiple scans and blood tests beforehand. I've been told so many times it's all in my head, or stress and a doctor even told me i was making it up! One of the first foods i've noticed is bread, so I removed that from my diet and limited gluten after finding out about celiac. The blood tests came back negative for celiac but allergy testing with a natropath has said gluten, dairy, amines & dust. I am going to have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy next week after finally finding a doctor who believes me. It's so frustrating! After the surgery I would like to do an elimination diet as I know there is other foods I am reacting to. Any advice on first getting diagnosed and dealing with symptoms??