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  1. I am glad you got an answer I know I cannot give up on figuring things out - for my little ones benefit. Sooner or later, something will pan out. It is just getting to that day! If it is just "IBS", I pity anyone who has to live with this on a daily basis It's truly a disease that they will not...
  2. I had a scope done in 2006. At the time when my tummy upset symptoms all started. About 6 mos. After my son was born - everything went downhill for me. I had diarrhea that lasted for about 6 weeks. Lost 10 lbs - went down to 92 lbs...etc. That is when they did a scope. By the time they did it I was...
  3. Hello All! I feel like I am forever going through this cycle of "could it be a gluten intolerance", or not. I have had bloodwork done a few different times, but have never really gotten a positive reading. The closest my numbers came to being positive was having a TTG Iga of 16 when it said that...
  4. Yes, I agree - it could mean what you have stated. That's why I wanted someone else to look at it. I think I am grasping at anything here. There is no way someone can live in daily pain. I feel like I am literally in the twilight zone and am so close to having everything in my life fall to pieces...
  5. Thanks Elle. I just found it wierd. I have classic Celiac symptoms but tests show the super-low TTg-IgA numbers. I thought that .3 the first time was low, and after eating gluten for 2 and a half months it only went up to a .8. It was two different doctors ordering the tests so I am going to take...
  6. My doctor who is an allergist, not a gastro ran only two of what seems to be the recommended celiac blood panel. The TTG - IGA test was a .8 with <4 being negative. My question is this: Would a TTG IGA score that low (lower than 1) mean that I may be IGA deficient and it wouldn't show...
  7. My BP is always 90 something over 60 something. No one ever seems concerned. What I think is funny is that when I went in for my scope - a nurse said "well you aren't too worried about this procedure, your BP is only 110 over 80". I told her " That IS high for me". lolol. I contribute it to being...
  8. Well I have learned that Gluten is definitely a big no-no for me, but I always get roped into "trying it" just one more time by someone who feels that it just has to be some other issue. My boyfriend, although VERY great about finding me gluten-free things, suggested this weekend that I try to...
  9. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!