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  1. lpjourney

    Herbalife, Is It Gluten-Free?

    I was an Herbalife distributor, they can only say that one of the formula one nutritional drinks - i believe it was one...
  2. Thank you to everyone who posted, it really does help to put in words how we feel and have those that understand give...
  3. It hit me today that I'm realizing that I can't have a "normal" Thanksgiving - the first one since being diagnosed. ...
  4. lpjourney

    Stand Mixers Vs Hand Mixers

    I went with the Pro 6 - since it was the strongest Kitchenaid machine. I ordered directly from www.shopKitchenaid.com...
  5. Finally started with a local nutritionist who specializes in Celiac - there is a MASS based website called Healty Villi...
  6. I made both the yellow and chocolate cakes - layered them with Duncan Hines whipped vanilla frosting for my sister-in...
  7. Found today at Market Basket - Billerica, MA store - both cake mixes, brownies and CC cookies - 3.69 a box - bought ...
  8. Anyone find them in Massachusetts yet ??
  9. I love the Cinnammon Chex - eat them by the handfuls
  10. - What makes me wonder on beef - if the cows are grain fed and not free range - would the grain they eat affect their...
  11. lpjourney

    So Confused!

    Welcome I think one of the main things you might need to do is get tested and truly diagnosed, unfortunately to have...
  12. Thank you - will have to try this - I love Pannukakku, I sent it to my mother - she'd have to modify the butter and...
  13. lpjourney

    Anybody Who Loves Jesus? :)

    ME TOO!! - I know the Lord has been behind my being able to accept and change my life. Change is a hard thing for...
  14. lpjourney


    Found a link to Avon's gluten-free list pdf format: http://glutenfreeinsd.com/PDFs/AVON%20glut...t%209-24-08.pdf
  15. lpjourney

    Pre-type 2 Diabetes And Celiac

    My GI recommended a nutrionist who specializes in Celiac - seeing her the end of May. I need to lose weight and trying...