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  1. darkhorse

    Help! Egg Free....

    Thanks for the replies. I can't use EnerG egg replacer because it has corn. We are going to retest corn shortly and hopefully she doesn't react but until then, we can't use it. Flax is only good in whole grain kind of stuff because it is so grainy and has a distinct flavor. It tastes pretty odd in something like a sugar cookie or white pasta. It will work, but it adds a distinct flavor and texture. That is a good idea to think about the role that eggs play. I am really looking for an egg replacement for pasta specifically and something for pizza crust type bread. In pasta I think it would act as a binder and in bread it would be both a binder and a levener. So what could be used as a replacement binder...?
  2. I need recipe help! I've been gluten and dairy free for over a year and I recently gave birth to my daughter who, it turns out, has tons of allergies. Since I am breastfeeding I can't eat any of her allergens. Her allergies are egg, soy, corn, nuts/peanuts, beans, chocolate, apples, oats, and shrimp. In addition to this I am also currently using a rotation diet to limit further allergies. This means that I can only eat a type of food, like rice, every four days. I'm pretty used to limiting my diet and coming up with alternatives by this point so the new restrictions don't bother me, but I am at a loss with the eggs. With the rotation diet it would be really helpful to make my own baked goods, like bread or pasta using alternative flours rather than rice flour. But I am running into problems. Since gluten free baking relies on eggs to help replace gluten every recipe uses it and I am having very mixed results leaving it out. I have been looking up things to use to replace eggs, but haven't found anything I can use. I can't use tofu due to soy, can't use apples, banana has too strong of a flavor, flax only works in whole grain things, I can't use diary products and the egg replacers contain corn or soy. Can I just add extra oil and water or is there some trick? Does anyone have good gluten/diary/soy/egg free recipes? Help!
  3. darkhorse

    Will I Hurt My Baby If I Cheat?

    To give some information before I get yelled at I would like to say that I do not have Celiac, however I have gluten and dairy intolerance. When I eat dairy I get the same symptoms as when I eat gluten. I have been struggling off and on with other intolerances that I can't pinpoint exactly. I have been gluten and dairy free since May and I plan to stay that way. I am 7 weeks pregnant and the cravings are really starting to get to me. Surprisingly enough I have not been craving gluten that much although soft, warm French bread has crossed my mind several times. However, I am craving cheese like nobody's business. I have been ignoring the cravings for the most part, but lately they are getting the best of me. The sucky part is that my stomach has been horrible lately and I don't know if it is pregnancy symptoms or if it is something else I'm eating. I have all the digestive gluten symptoms; the big D, bloating, pain, indigestion. Think of the Pepto commercials and that is me. My problem is that when I feel crappy it makes me want to cheat even more since I already don't feel well. So I am dealing with major cravings and already feeling bad and my resolve is just about gone. My concern, and the only thing not letting me cheat at this point, is that I am worried about harming my baby or increasing my risk of miscarriage. I know they say the risk is for people with Celiac, but I worry that it could also be for people like me too especially since I had marked intestinal inflammation that was caused by the gluten/dairy. I am also just thinking of eating dairy, not gluten so I don't know if that would be as bad, but like I said, my dairy symptoms can be worse than my gluten symptoms. Oh, and to everyone that will suggest soy cheeses, I am not sold on how much better that would be. I have done enough research on soy to know that it shouldn't be consumed in large amounts, so I don't think eating soy would be any better than just eating dairy. Please give me your thoughts and suggestions and anything else that might help.
  4. I agree with this completely. You may feel empathy toward others in bad situations and try your best to help or not make the situation worse, but you wouldn't understand or have compassion without experiencing something similar yourself. My example of this would be that I am a teacher. One of my kids was diagnosed with diabetes over winter break last year. I tried my best to help her out and make sure she had everything she needed and the other kids didn't say mean things. I also tried to be empathetic when we had parties and things so she wouldn't feel left out. Looking back I know that I truly didn't understand even though I wanted to. It wasn't until I found out I was gluten/dairy intolerant that I truly understood where she was coming from and what she was going through. It was only then that I saw how frustrating, disappointing, and sad it makes you to have tons of food available that you used to love and not be able to eat any of it. It was only then that I stated going out of my way to find alternatives that she could have as treats or for parties. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. The idea that we suffer so we can be more human, so we can feel compassion follows that same belief.
  5. I love this stuff since going gluten-free. I have seen the new boxes but they always have them next to the old boxes so I have not tried the new version yet. Is it really different? I only use it on cereal so I wonder if that makes a difference.
  6. I was able to get the Udi's white bread at Vitamin Cottage, but couldn't find it at Whole Foods. I didn't look at the WF on Powers. But I do have to say that I am in LOVE with the bread! Here is a direct quote from my non-gluten-free husband, "Holy crap it tastes like bread! You could make a sandwich with that!" I'm sold!! Now I just have to check out the Out of the Bread Box stuff.
  7. Thank you! I was planning to stop in to Whole Foods and Vitamin cottage today anyway so that works great. I don't remember seeing Udi's products, but they do tend to lump all the non WF brand items together. I know I had to specifically search for Kinnikinnik products in the past in order to even see them. I hope the Vitamin Cottage has it, too. They tend to have a great selection of gluten-free products.
  8. Okay, what King Soopers in Colorado Springs carries these products? I have never really looked for them, but I have never come across them either. Someone help a sandwich craving gal out! (I'm trying to pretend I never saw the cinnamon rolls...)
  9. darkhorse

    Just Had An Endoscope

    My throat hurt for several days after but they took a biopsy of my throat to check for Barrett's Esophagus. Maybe they did the same thing for you. Just try all the remedies they suggest for sore throats (salt water, ice cream, etc.) and it should help a bit with the pain.
  10. We went to a Rockie's game today and I usually just get a bunless hotdog or bring snacks to eat when we go there. I had researched the stadium a little and had not seen anything about gluten free products other than the fact that you are allowed to bring your own food. Well, on the way out of the stadium at the end of the game we walked right past a food kiosk that was brightly labeled gluten free! They had hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, brownies, beer and just about everything else you would find at a regular food station. I was thrilled! I only wish I had seen it at the beginning of the game so I could have tried the food to see how it tasted. But it was a kiosk completely dedicated to gluten-free food. So if anyone is heading to Coors Field to the see the Rockies they now have gluten-free options! I only laugh because my visiting relatives were a little surprised by how excited I was. But I'm at least I knew everyone here would understand. ETA: I just looked it up and I guess they just put the gluten-free food stand in a few days ago so at least I haven't been missing it all this time.
  11. darkhorse

    Gluten-free Pet Food -- Really Necessary?

    If you check out the work by Dogtor J, a veterinarian who is also a Celiac, you will see that gluten is actually really bad for our pets, too. I don't have dogs right now, but when I do I plan to put them on a gluten free pet food as well. You might check it out. He has some great information about food intolerance in people on his website as well. DogtorJ's website
  12. darkhorse


    Well... everyone kept saying 2months after going gluten-free and guess what... I'm pregnant! OMG I am still in shock. My hormones were messed up and yet somehow this worked. I was charting using FAM and my charts showed lack of ovulation, irregular cycles with breakthrough bleeding, and luteal phase defect where my luteal phase was always less than 10 days. The doctor tested me and found my estrogen levels were too low, my FSH was elevated and I had possible thyroid issues. My doc also suspected PCOS, but my testing didn't confirm that. This cycle I ovulated really early and it was by chance that we DTD on the right days. I had spotting on day 18 of my cycle and was mad that I was starting AF so early. Then, I read something about implantation bleeding and on a whim I tested. And it was clearly positive! I'm due March 14th! I am really worried that it won't stick, but I am thrilled that I know I can get pregnant at the very least. LadyBugLuv, I hope you are still doing well. We are due around the same time, too! Good luck to anyone still trying!
  13. I found them in Colorado today! They had the brownies, cookies, and yellow cake mixes. I didn't get them because they contain potato flour/starch and I am avoiding nightshades. It was probably better for my flabby tummy anyway! They were in the regular baking aisle, just under the other Betty Crocker mixes. I think they were $4.29 or something very close to that.
  14. Soy is illegal on the SCD because Elaine researched and was concerned by all the bad things that soy can do to your body. Soy is actually not healthy for you at all and the American Heart Association removed their endorsement of soy as a heart healthy food (quietly so as not to upset the soy growers) after their own research proved how dangerous it can be. This is especially true for people with compromised intestinal tracts and children because soy affects absorption of minerals and affects hormones in the body. Here are some key points from only one article. (I added the bolding) Is Soy Healthy? The Dark Side of Soy If you are going to consume soy, then your safest bet is to eat fermented products only like soy sauce and tempeh. The worst soy products are plain soy like soy milk, tofu, and soy alternatives. I was never a huge soy person other than soy sauce, but after finding out all this information about soy I began eliminating it from my diet, since it hides in many processed foods. There are, of course, health benefits to eating soy which is why it got it's name as a health food originally, but the bad completely outweighs the good. I hope this helps.
  15. I have recently figured out that I am coconut intolerant, much to my dismay. I had been using coconut as an alternative to dairy for cream and ice cream, but now that option is gone. What are other alternatives for cream or ice cream that I can use that are gluten, dairy, soy, and coconut free? I have seen rice dream ice cream, but I have heard that the rice dream milk is not gluten free so that makes me wary of their ice cream as well. Just to note, the cream would be for cooking (mostly for deserts) and the ice cream for, well, ice cream. Any suggestions?