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  1. I have a recipe for vegetable beef soup that calls for barley that I used to eat. What can I use to replace the barley? Thanks!
  2. I haven't been taking my B12 & magnesium regularly so I'm going to make sure I do. Thanks for the info.
  3. I have numbness in the thighs also. It comes and goes. I have celiac disease. I have had nerve issues in my thighs for years. I think mine could be from the celiac. I went to a neurologist years ago and he gave me anti-depressants which...
  4. jkr

    Weight Gain

    I've gained about 12 lbs ever since I went gluten free. Is it because I'm absorbing more fat or maybe because I have gone crazy with sweets! Could be a combination of both I guess. I'm trying to limit sugar and carbs. Hopefully it will...
  5. I thought the V8 Butternut Squash soup was gluten free but after seeing some old posts I guess it isn't, correct? My stomach told me it wasn't - I had such pain just like in the the old days.
  6. jkr


    I also have been experiencing a "sensation" like yours. Was it right under your ribs?
  7. The hematologist told me to take Ferrous Sulfate 3 times daily and surprisingly I did not have any side effects from it. I think it's a good supplement. My hgb and hct looked good after taking it for 3 months and my iron stores came up...
  8. I did have severe intestinal damage but the doctor couldn't tell by the pictures. The biospy told the story. Good luck and I hope your damage is minimal.
  9. jkr

    Just Diagnosed.

    There is so much information to obtain on this forum it is wonderful. I have found so many great recipes here and on the internet. Thank goodness mainstream stores carry gluten free foods. When I'm at the grocery, I use my iphone and...
  10. I didn't think an elevated ttg could mean gluten intolerance. I thought it was just an indicator of celiac.
  11. For the last few days I've been having a "sensation" to the right of my navel. It's not a pain, and it comes on after eating. I've read older posts similar to this. Has anyone had this issue lately? I wonder if it has to do with the...
  12. Is there a blood test for soy intolerance or is it just a stool test?
  13. My periods came back this summer after not having periods for over a year. I became gluten free this year when I got diagnosed. I think it had something to do with my periods returning. I'm 50 so we will see how long it lasts.
  14. My GI didn't want to do a repeat biopsy. I don't feel the need to have another one anyway. He didn't even tell me to come back for repeat blood tests which I think I should have. I am going to call him in a couple of months (I had...