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I am a 69 year old mother of two daughters, and grandmother of one grandson, and one granddaughter. I have been divorced since I was 27 and raised my daughters on my own. I lost my older daughter 6 years ago, at the age of 44 from juvenile diabetes. She was dx at 31/2 years old. I gave her a kidney in 1992, and she received a pancreas in 1995. She had the miracle of not being diabetic for 8 years, but unfortunately a lot of damage had been done. She had her miracle son, who is now 26, and a wonderful grandson. My younger daughter, who is 47 and her 13 year old daughter, my granddaughter(also wonderful!) are currently living with me. I am the only Celiac in my house.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease from blood test and positive endoscopy in March 2009. What got me to the gastro Dr. was severe fatigue, diarrhea, and I had lost 15lb. I love to dance and had been very physically active and performed with a clogging dance club for 20 years. We retired from performing in Dec. 2007, but still get together to dance. I also social dance, swing, waltz, polka, two step. I know I was having Celiac symptoms for at least 7 years. My fellow dancers, some who are older than me, in their 70ies, were going like the energizer bunny, and I would be exhausted. I was dx with being anemic in 2004, but just thought I was not eating right and took iron supplements. I was also dx with osteoporosis in 2001, and have arthritis in neck, back, and knees.

I had heard of Celiac because a year ago a first cousin, who is just a year older than I , and her 50 year old daughter were dx with Celiac also. They did not seem to know about the hereditary issue.

At my age I can deal with the no pizza and beer! I have found two breads I like and a hot cereal, so I am getting on with life. I am not feeling great yet and know it can take a while. I just hope I am not to old to get better.

  1. Would like to make the pillsbury glutenfree sugar cookie mix pumpkin, any suggestions ?
  2. Hi Clogger69!

    I am a big animal lover & I actually photograph pets for a living. I love it! Of course, I'm still recovering, so I'm not photographing too much right now, but hopfully soon. I have two cats too & they're so spoiled. My Bella is on the picture you seen. She's so funny. And black cats & dogs are hard to photograph. It's all in the ...

  3. I am so happy to see this topic and the positive post. Just made my day. This has been my biggest concern. I was dx March 2009 and will be 70 in May. I have always tried to live a very healthy and active life and this has been hard. I hope to be dancing until the end which I hope is a long way off
  4. AS soon as I master the Zombie shuffle, youtube here I come!! :)

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