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  1. cookie recipe

    I will try both ideas, thank you !
  2. Would like to make the pillsbury glutenfree sugar cookie mix pumpkin, any suggestions ?
  3. I just had a surprising positive expierence at a hospital. I had to take my 18 year old granddaugahter to emergency at 6 am this moring, having stomach issues. This of course always takes hours. By 10 I wanted coffee and had a hope I could find a gluten free bread or bagel in their cafeteria. I ask and they went to the diatition and she had some bread. It was really good. She said they special order it and the name on the pakage said Food Inovations. I cannot find anything on line like that and wonder if anyone has heard of it?
  4. Thank you so much for these replys. I am sure the stew was ok and it was the herb. This is just the kind of information I felt I might find on this site. I had celiac for I am sure since 1992 when I gave my daughter a kidney. At that time this was a major surgery and a year before I was DX so was a first cousin. Back at that time I had never heard of celiac. I should have done my research first.
  5. I am 73, DX 4 1/2 years ago. I had a very bad episode of throwing up at one year gluten free, and another at 2 year from accidentally eating gluten. It was terrible, get the bowl type of thing and when that happens you are very carefull not to have it happen again. Well last night it happened again and I was so sick. At 4 pm I had eaten some canned beef stew with rice. The can said gluten free. Then my granddaughter and I went to do some shopping.I had seen a repeat DR.Oz show on supplements to keep you young, which my 17 yr old granddaughter said, "well that train has left the station" nice kid Anyway I got a bottle of 400mg Astragalus and took one when I got home at 7:30ish. I was feeling not to good by10:30 and went to bed. The miniute I layed down I knew I was sick. I had 2 bouts of the bowl, and finally got to sleep. The supplement does not list anything with gluten, but to be that sick, I just wondered if anyone has had any experience with this. $10 bottle that I am affraid to try again
  6. Exhaustion

    This is an amazing post for me to just read. I am 72, dx March 09. I just had knee replacement surgery 7 weeks ago. I feel like I will never get any energy. The knee seems to be doing ok, just not the rest of me. Nausea, no appetite, food does not taste good, losing weight, anemic, just no energy. I believe the Celiac is playing a part in how hard this has been, and of course age This weekend is our local Blues Fest, great local musicians(Lansing, MI), headliners from Chicago & Detroit, and I cannot push for this one! I was/am a dancer, love the swing and nothing better for that than some Blues B)I will be there next year!!
  7. I just made a lemon meringue pie using the cup4cup flour using same recipe(2c flour,2/3 shortening,1t of salt, 5-7 ice water), and I swear it is the best thing I have ate since being dx almost 3 years ago. The crust was delicious. I have only done two other pies and was not crazy about the crust. I am 71 and really missed doing the family pies! I got a free shipping deal, but still, $19.99 for 3lb of flour, but it was worth it. I spent a hour watching you-tube videos on how to roll gluten-free crust:)
  8. Astaxanthin

    I found a gluten free brand, the Now brand, and a local health store has it on order!
  9. The Dr. Oz show had a segment on a antioxidant supplement called Astaxanthin and all the wonderful things in could do. I went right out to my local health store to purchase some, as had, it turns out everyone else in town. They had one bottle of one mg left, which I bought. It was Solaray brand. The bottle does not say gluten free, but I did not see anything that looked like gluten listed. I took a morning and eve dose with food. At 5:00 am I woke up very nauseated. Took another morning dose and by 3:00 am sick again. I called the 1-800 number and they said they cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination so now I am afraid to take anymore. So far can't find a brand that says gluten fee.
  10. Rice Bloody Krispies

    I am 70 years old, dx March 2009. Did the same thing with the rice krispies, and corn flakes, was eating them at first. I just told my 14 yr old granddaughter last night what I miss most is my cereal snacks. Forget pizza, beer, hamburger, I want a bowl of my cereal. I also loved mini wheats, but I know there is no hope for them, but maybe Kellogg would come through for the rice krispies and corn flakes
  11. I don't know if this will help, I am in the older crowd on this board. When DX with Celiac in March 2009 I was told my Feb. 2009 blood work showed a 319. The nurse said this was high, which meant nothing to me being new to all of this. In May 2009 blood work showed 104. This is at gastro Dr. office. My primary Dr. that I see every 3-4 months is very good about doing regular blood work. So I was showing a steady down on the IgA. Sept.2009 was 25.4 and Jan. 2010 16.1. I was feeling good about this even though I don't feel good. Fatigue,joint pain, and I have gained 33lbs. Love carbs. I was not happy about the latest blood work of April 30, 2010. It was 19, up 3pts and I am so careful.My lab shows optimal range to be 0-10. The only thing I could think of that I was doing different was in the last 3 mo I have been having a bottle of diet A&W root beer every day. My understanding is that this is gluten free. I am going to stop the root beer and see what happens.
  12. Very Sick

    Thank you for your reply's. I am thinking it was the pizza, as I had never had it before and I have had alcohol. I didn't feel all that great with alcohol but nothing like this.
  13. I have never been this sick, pre or post celiac! Sunday I had for the first time a Amy's frozen pizza. About an hour later I decided to have a Mothers day treat and have a glass of my Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot wine. I have never had the pizza before and had not had a glass of wine since DX March 2009. I have had a couple of screwdrivers and they did not make me sick. An hour later I was in absolute misery having to spend the evening with a "bowl" on my lap. This is Tuesday and I still feel weak and not well. My research on this site has shown people who say they have been sick from the pizza or red wine. I don't know which one it was or if it was or both, but neither will ever touch my lips again. It is scary for me to think I could be that sick and think I was being gluten free.
  14. I was DX March 2009 and making a sandwich like egg salad, pbj,etc. was a problem until I discovered Udi's bread. This works great!
  15. Weight Gain

    I was DX a year ago this month and have gained 30lb. I also love carbs, bread, mac & cheese. I was so physically active and now feel like I can hardly move. I do have knee issues from the dancing. I don't want to give up food I love but see I must do something