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  1. Leper Messiah

    Gluten Detective

    Yes I think this was the problem for me notkuroda, a lot of sensitivies to other foods, namely corn, soy, dairy, nightshades. As you can imagine this limits my food options considerably. The good thing is that once I eliminated them...
  2. Leper Messiah


    No it wasn't the water per se, it was the fact there was likely to be gluten on my sleeve which was then transferred onto my mouth and then swallowed by drinking the water. I stopped cleaning so hard at home, and instead rely on plastic...
  3. Leper Messiah


    Oh man, I must have the most sensitive reaction to gluten ever. I went to work today in a positive frame of mind, it's been two weeks since my last glutenning so this is when improvements start, and continue dramatically over the following...
  4. Leper Messiah

    Still Angry Sometimes After 2 Years

    I agree, they're pretentious know-it-alls!! Experienced or not...you're are very lucky indeed if you've not experienced the inadequacy of modern medicine. Otherwise I would suggest your symptoms can't be that bad! Mine make me feel...
  5. Leper Messiah

    Does Dairy Do Damage?

    I think this depends on how long you went between it starting (for some very difficult to pinpoint) and beginning a strict gluten free diet. After a long period my theory is that your GI tract tries to work out what's causing the inflammation...
  6. Leper Messiah

    Cider From The Tap...

    Same issue for me. I stick to bottles and only drink from the bottle, magners, etc. No bottles = no drinking for me. It's fine if you're at home because it's likely unless you live in a really small place that you'll find a pub with...
  7. Leper Messiah

    Crushing Depression When Glutened

    Depression is a tough one exactly because of this. It is a separate serious illness in its own right from which I have no experience as I have never had depression as a standalone illness. I only have asymptomatic depression symptoms when...
  8. Leper Messiah

    Crushing Depression When Glutened

    I'm exactly the same. The only way I get through it is tell myself it's just 2-3 weeks. And ok that's not great but from a background of having been diagnosed with ME/CFS, 2-3 weeks is a drop in the ocean. I'm not downplaying it at all...
  9. Leper Messiah

    Is Turkey From A Stuffed Bird Safe?

    Absolutely no. Separate all the way.
  10. Leper Messiah

    No Fair!

    I agree this completely limits your options - I have to avoid dairy, soy, gluten obviously and bloody corn too which is even worse than dairy at limiting your food options as almost all gluten free foods contain at least some 'maize' or...
  11. Leper Messiah


    In all seriousness though, I think it's difficult for anyone without celiac/gluten intolerance of any kind to fully understand just how meticulous you need to be when cooking food for us. One misplaced sticky gluten protein and it's game...
  12. Leper Messiah

    Immediate Reaction?

    Initial reaction with brain fog, feeling spacey etc. This lasts max 24 hours then brief respite for a day or so before the fatigue sets in and doesn't leave me for 2 weeks, almost exactly to the day.
  13. Think it's all up to the individual both in terms of what they believe and how they react. It's widely reported that the gluten protein is too large to be absorbed through the skin and secondly, if you had broken patches of skin and rubbed...
  14. Leper Messiah

    So How Did It Start With You

    Slow onset of gradually worse fatigue to the point of not being able to go into work for me.