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  1. Hi there: you're not a wuss. I also stay home more than I'd like when I get glutened. It's a terrible feeling and best to just stay in, lie down, drink water, take digestive aids and ride it out alone. It's miserable and sad and it hurts me and I'm sure it hurts you. Nobody likes to feel bad and miss out on living. And, since we are kinda complaining, I'll add that it's impossible for my friends and family to understand. Recently I was with someone and felt pretty good. We went out to eat and had a nice meal. Within half an hour I was in pain, exhausted and couldn't do anything other than lie down on the hotel bed (we were travelling). It was a real bummer because my friend wanted to go to the hotel bar and have a good time. I'd been all for it and suddenly, BAM: OUT OF COMMISSION. I know the friend didn't really get it. So you are not alone. And yes, I do sometimes miss work. I try not to as my work is not at all understanding. Usually when I refuse to eat something at a work event at random regular restaurant, I get ridiculed or asked "why aren't you eating the food at this restaurant? How could chicken possibly contain gluten?" and the question is always so accusatory. it pisses me the feck off, in fact. Anyway, when I respond by talking about cross-contam, I get the eye -- roll. lol. So I think it's just not worth explaining further. Though I gotta tell ya, it's getting really fecking annoying that everytime I say "NO" to eating X, I get push back. I think that is my biggest struggle....I graciously refuse food and the people i'm with can't graciously accept my refusals.
  2. As far as I know, the poster who noted the nuance to ohip coverage is correct. My liver specialist shared the same info with me. I did not pay for my blood panel in ontario.
  3. I have been glutened at tea shops. I think, perhaps, it is due to cross contamination as earl grey is safe. Most of the shops I have been in serve scones and other products and it's pretty easy in a non-dedicated shop to have an issue with cross-contamination. I've seen scoops used in multiple mediums. BUT I don't think you should be scared of tea...it is gluten free and the bags are safe. You had an unfortunate incident. Perhaps avoid that tea shop or make your own KDawg
  4. http://www.thestar.com/living/food/article/943142--gluten-free-beer-a-first-in-ontario Link to an article on gluten free beer being sold in Ontario Canada.
  5. Im sorry you are having a hard time of it. It would be tough at 14 yrs old. That makes you...grade 9? Yes, that's a hard age. When I was 14, I just loved hanging out with friends and I felt free. I wouldnt' have wanted to be tied in to a particular diet. That said, there are so many great options these days and given that you mentioned your church group, I must say that it seems that any decent church would make it their mission to ensure you are included by having gluten free donuts available. Speak to the youth pastor. I"m sad that the church hasn't taken it upon themselves to rectify this, but I bet its' just an oversight. The church likely has a kitchen and a freezer -- if the church doesn't do it, you just go ahead (well, get your parents to go ahead) and order some donuts on-line and stick them in the freezer. KDAWG
  6. I"m sorry for your loss, MamaW. You are right, she is now free of illness, pain and sadness and has moved to a beautiful place of peace and joy. Nevertheless, it is still painful for those of us still here as we miss the physical presence of our loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with you. KDawg
  7. K-Dawg

    Destination Wedding/elopement

    Hey -- CONGRATULATIONS -- I have been to vegas several times. I also travel to various places to visit family, etc. Prior to arriving at the hotel (and sometimes prior to booking) I CALL someone in guest services and speak to him/her directly about my food needs and ask if the hotel can accomodate. If so, book and you can eat in their hotel restuarants or get room service. Farimont has ALWAYS created my OWN menu. It is emailed to me in advance...It is left in my room AND it is provided to me when I attend at the restaurant. They have been great. Now I know you said that you didn't want to have to pack food...but I have stayed at several Fairmont hotels and they have always been very willing to pack me (in a thermal case they provide) a delicious gluten-free meal to go. And the chef usually comes out to meet me and present me with the picnic lunch. I also have severe allergies, so it is great that they are so gracious and accomodating. So when I travel and want to go on a full day outing (ex - in vegas, a heli ride to the grand canyon...which lasted 5 hours in total) I can go and know I"ll be good for food even though the refreshments provided by the heli service are not safe (and would I really want to risk it...their key is the heli ride, not accomodating celiacs). So I recommend that you can stay at any 4 or 5 star hotel/resort...just make sure you speak with guest services PRIOR to booking to determine how accomodating they will be. In vegas, I stayed at the Trump Hotel because it had the best value with a full kitchen. My strategy -- cook a bunch of chicken breasts (maybe 4) the day I arrive and buy salad fixings. Then, in a pinch, I throw the salad with chicken in a thermal bag (I have a very small one that fits in my purse) and I'm good. I was even allowed to eat my own food in several restaurants in vegas. In Vegas, there is a whole foods for convenient gluten-free grocery shopping. And Trump accomodated my allergies and gluten-free needs whenever I ordered. Wyn can accomodate also. PF Changs has a gluten-free menu. So does outback steakhouse. Both are located on the strip.
  8. K-Dawg

    Best Iron Supps?

    I also have a very sensitive stomach. I now use Proferrin. Google it. I find it to be great. It is heme iron polypeptide and you can take it with food, etc. So great. And high sbsorbancy. Good luck KP
  9. K-Dawg

    When You Travel

    PS -- sometimes it's easy (e.g. New York city -- so many gluten-free or gluten-free Friendly restaurants...no need to spend big bucks on room with kitchen...just got a reg hotel room and paid the extra $ for a mini fridge where I kept snacks (like camp food) so taht I could hike around all day and not worry
  10. K-Dawg

    When You Travel

    Hey there: 1) Pre-plan -- I look up a whole foods as I know I can get gluten-free food and snacks. I have vacationed several times and the pre-planning saves me. I travel with a binder with the addresses of the Whole Foods (from state to state) and gluten-free restaurants (and locations of fast food places I can eat at for the road trip...Wendy's or Outback, etc) 2) Snacks - I bring my own snacks. Always. For flight, it's cheese, crackers, trail mix, a pizza (that I cook at home..I like cold pizza mid-flight). 3) I always book a resort with a full kitchen -- I clean the pans (scour) them OR I buy my own. Note of caution - be careful with convection ovens. If I can't get a full kitchen, just a kitchenette, I'll buy a hot plate from a hardware store, usually with 2 burners and a really cheap toaster oven. YOu can cook ANYTHING in a toaster oven!! I just leave them at the hotel. 4) I sometimes pack (in my suitcase) my fav corn pasta! MMMMMMMMM 5) Toaster bags (in case I can't find a toaster oven..yes, it has happened) Good luck and have fun KDawg
  11. Oh thank you so much!!! I just google mapped this and you are right -- it is en-route. I appreciate it. KDawg
  12. Hi All: I'm hoping to get some help from some Miami and/or Islamorada gluten-free residents because I"m heading your way this December. I am a Canadian (from Toronto) and I"m going to the Florida Keys this December for a vacation (sighs in relief at the prospect of being without her blackberry for an entire week). I am landing in Miami and will drive to the island resort (where i have a full kitchen). I have discovered a Whole Foods in Coral Gables, which I"ll basically drive by on my way to Islamorada (so it's the perfect place to stop and stock up on some gluten-free grocery goodies). I also found an Outback Steakhouse in Islamorada. Do any of the locals have some insight or suggestions for me? I hate fish (lol) Thanks KDawg
  13. I agree with all the other posters (above) who have suggested that you bring your own food. I think this is the smartest choice. You could prepare your own turkey (or get some from a gluten free restaurant or caterer) and carve it up to take with you. If you have a cooler, you're set. I have a cooler that plugs in and I have a car with an outlet...so I'm able to take the cooler from house, to car, to destination and keep my food cold (I got mine at a hardware store). In your shoes I would prepare my own thanksgiving dinner, buy some great gluten-free rolls from a local bakery and take my own meal (and I usually make MORE than I need so that there is an abundance of food for me and it feels celebratory) Good luck Kdawg
  14. I have also had that sort of conversation....I remember my dad getting into it with me and saying something like "the label says MAY contain gluten, not that the product DOES contain gluten" and he was suggesting that I should give it a go! lol. I finally said, "Dad, I'll pass. I'm happy with my lettuce wraps right now" In the end I appreciate that he just doesn't get it. I mean, there is some sort of huge block for him. He is a smart guy, but this 'gluten free thing' just doesn't jive with him for whatever reason. No big deal. I simply REFUSE to engage in any conversation with him on it. If I am at his house, I bring my own food, cutlery, dishware, microwavable container, etc and if he asks "would you like this or that...do you think it contains gluten" i don't even bother trying to educate him. I just say "no thanks, Dad. I'm good" At the end of the day, he is not going to ever appreciate the nature of celiac disease and that is okay. I know he loves me and now that I've given up trying to educate him, there's no more of those idiotic stress-filled conversations. phew. KDawg
  15. K-Dawg

    Celiac Vaccine?

    Last para. of the article reads as follows: "The Australian team has begun an early-stage clinical trial using these peptides in a vaccine that aims to desensitize celiac patients and make them tolerant of the compounds. The group expects to report preliminary safety results later this year." Glad you posted this -- very interesting.