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About Me

On April 14th, 2009 I decided to try going Gluten Free. I noticed immediate benefits. During my pre-gluten-free era, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with me. When I was almost 16 I had my appendix taken out and then in 2007 I had my Gall Bladder removed. I'm not sure if that was entirely necessary looking back on it. I've been in and out of doctors offices ever since. I've been tested for celiac disease but tests always came back normal (never was asked to do a Gluten Challenge). I've also been tested for Thyroid Disease numerous times, always negative. I was diagnosed with IBS by my gastro doc back in December 2008. He suggested having a colonoscopy but (after having what might have been unnecessary surgery once) I decided I wanted to try to rule out a few other things first. I tried taking a fiber pill but that only made the bloating (and gas) worse. I then tried a prescribed laxative (similar to Miralax) and it did the same. I decided to take matters into my own hands since I REALLY didn't think it was Crones disease, so I cut out the gluten. After the very first day I felt like a new person. The next days have continued the same feeling. After 4 days being gluten free I had an appt with my gastro doc. He feels I still need to rule out Crohn's Disease but is okay with me trying the gluten-free diet for a couple months to see if my symptoms stay gone.

I'm new to all of this and honestly it's scary at times, but most of the time I'm just relieved that I've figured it out. It's almost surreal at times, and that worries me, I really hope this doesn't turn out to be yet another fluke reason to why I'm in so much pain:(.

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