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  1. Unfortunately, that characteristic is what gluten provides. There isn't yet an ideal substitute. However, defatted corn protein may fit the bill in the future, hopefully! Perhaps try making a cracker from rice flour--may serve the purpose and not fall apart.


  2. I have a similar story, but may or may not be related. I couldn't eat anything either. I had been gluten free for over a year, seeing a lot of improvement. However, in the last year, I was still sick far too often for it to be a cc issue. Food that was safe months previous would make me sick. Eating became like a minefield again. Becoming desperate & losing will to live, I read everything I could find that could possibly cause these terrible symptoms, and documented everything I ate. I went to see other specialists and asked a lot of questions. I was tired of having no good answer from my GI, who seemed to think it was not an allergy issue at all.

    With a blood test, my new doc confirmed 'Mastocytosis' which sends my 'Oral Allergy Syndrome' thru the roof. My symptoms from that are very much like glutening. Gut anaphylaxis, with bloating, belching, vomitting, D, nausea, abdominal & musculoskeletal pain, immediate anxiety & depression. It's been a godsend to finally have a clue. For me, it's a 'seasonal' allergy to certain many fruit/veggies, etc. depending on what 'pollen' is in the air. Finally can eat, gaining weight again. Good luck to you!

  3. I'm so suspicious of testing services that refuse to establish (or at least provide) sensitivity and specificity measures for their tests.

    You do realize allergists say the gold standard for food allergies is elimination, right? None of these tests "diagnose" food allergies or sensitivities. They can only guide what foods might be problematic if you're not willing to do lamb/rice/pears.

    I personally think MRT, IgG4, Enterolab, and other consumer "diagnostic" services are creative ways to separate consumers from their $ because Western medicine has people confused and overly attached to diagnostic test results.

    Lol. I don't disagree with you regarding LEAP. I just looked up their patents, interesting. Not "state of the art" as they advertise. I'm just surprised there has been so little commentary about it, controversial as it is.

  4. Well, LEAP made the "dubious" list at Quackwatch.


    Another abstract with a similar conclusion. The author notes that information on mediator release testing is only found on consumer sites.


    There are a lot of scams right now with diagnostic tests, to the point that FDA is looking hard at companies like this. The other big scam allergy test is IgG4.

    :) Thanks, I was aware of the paper on PubMed. Their philosophy seems to be different than mainstream medicine, but I wonder if part of the poor review is because their MRT test is proprietary. I don't know how their lab test is performed. Maybe useful to hear from folks who may have used it to their benefit, or even otherwise. LEAP claims to have helped thousands of patients successfully. Dr. Scot Lewey (who wrote pretty informative articles on celiac disease and celiac disease testing available here on celiac.com) seems to recommend it for his patients. However, there doesn't seem to be much consumer input available. Interesting.




  5. I have read some information that it might be best to avoid any restaurants that bake their own bread or desserts etc. The issue would be the flour in the atmosphere cross-contaminating other menu items.

    Has anyone else been given that advice? If they do minimal baking does that make a difference? Or should they be avoided anyway? Was this just so obvious I shouldn't have even asked???

    Honestly, my experience is anecdotal. Wish it could have been more scientific, but I do avoid donut shops, bakeries, and spilled flour @ grocery stores. Had a few episodes of celiac type symptoms, from taking my toddler to get a donut at Crispy Cremes and other donut shops. I didn't have anything to eat or drink.

  6. Suz, I think this sums up alot of what happened in the last 25 pages:

    Wodka, wine, more wodka

    Drunken posts - very funny

    Flat Stanley visits Nik - more wodka

    Rah shell has mommy daughter day & they get cute matchy haircuts (no wodka)

    Much talk of mathmatics & wodka

    Had a new guy on here named Dada - scared him off

    More wodka

    Can't scare Peter off

    Spring came

    more wodka & wine

    some chocolate thrown in randomly

    I got bored & sang dum songs (& will do it again if no one is posting)

    Giant inflatable penis

    Penis & boobie cookie cutters

    More wodka

    Did I forget anything important?

    :P Still here. Just been pretty sick lately. Wife was asking me about some expandable thingy posted here somewhere. What the heck is going on here?!!!? Jeepers!


  7. Not knowing what company manufactured the "wheat amino acids" in that lotion, I'm not sure. I'd try contacting the mfr.

    However, amino acids are often manufactured from wheat proteins. They are hydrolized into separate amino acids, where each of the aa's are isolated for use in research, food supplements, and also for making meds, including TPN solutions for parenteral (IV) feeding.

    I was wondering if any celiac patients have had issues with TPN feeding, but I haven't heard of it yet.

  8. Let me think...(clunk rattle). He's a poster in your lunch room at work? He doesn't look like one of your cardio patients so ... he's a spin teacher at the gym? Your next door neighbor? My next husband? Oops! I give up!

    That's an easy one. He's not my younger bother, but looks like his twin. I used to have a six pack like that. Wife misses it, but it;s coming back! Hate getting old. Hey, after going gluten-free last year, been finding gray hairs that are reverting back.

    With gluten-free diet, am I getting younger? Wifee seems to be impressed. Can I change my screen name to GFMAN_WIFETOY?

  9. Gawd, yes.. . . . . .......even our law enforcement professionals. Police apprehensions and car chases go like this:

    Love the Kids in the Hall . . . but here is a real Canadian police chase . . . it even says that in the title

    Funny, funny stuff!!! :D

    After a week of faxing information request/permission forms back and forth between three different doctors offices and one lab . . . we have an appointment with Cincinnati Children's Hospital . . . unfortunately, it' not until May but we'll wait.

    Sounds pretty important. Hope all works out well for you and your family! :)

  10. My boys are 14 & 17. Older one would have liked a tarantula or snake, younger - a large lizard. We decided we couldn't take care of them to keep them happy. Have had rescued rodents: a rat & several guinea pigs. Never a giant squid or cute kitten. Lizard might eat kitten?

    I wonder what it'll be like to have kids that age. I think animals are great for kids, but some scary hairy legged ones just scare some folks, including his mom/dad. On a better note, he did find furry animals to love last year. Horses. Bad news is we can't keep one here. He's considering getting cuttle fish. We'll see.


    threaten to feed her to whatever dangerous creature her brother ends up with.

    I mean...with which her brother ends up

    no...up with which, her brother ends


    Well, we had chatted about that in my dementia from gluten agony. I'm a terrible parent when I'm glutened! To make it short, he joked about a school of Dosidicus gigas, giant humboldt squid getting revenge. But shortly after, he wanted me to know he was just "making fun" to make me feel better, and didn't want his sister on any giant squid adventure, where she might fall off the boat and be eaten.

    One of his favorite days was my worst, full of sickness and intense vomitting (folks here can relate? If not I apologize). I took him with me where he might see and experience giant squid for himself, that he's talked about since age 2.

    He never got seasick, but made sure to let me know, "everybody's throwing up ALOT, just like you dad!" The swells were pretty big that night. It was one of his best expeditions, not mine at all, but the specimens were incredible! Each suction cup had a ring of "exacto' razor blades. I cut myself pretty good after this photo barely feeling the tentacles.


  11. I'm seriously worried for Dada's child. What kind of catalog does that child have & does he save his allowance & toothfairy money to purchase stuff like that egg?

    We used to worry, as his favorites have always had to have stingers, spikes, claws or suction cups, to his mom's dismay. At 2, his favorites were "architeuthis giant squid" and any kind of dangerous creature. "No, I don't want a puppy Mommy--Daddy said not all tarantulas are poisonous. Please Mommy?"


    Good kid though--he guards me from my gluten monsters. It's the 3 yr old (who likes puppies) that I have to worry about. Last week she put her gluten finger in my mouth on purpose.


    That video is not too far off from the truth. ON the way from Missouri to Las Vegas (then to reno) they felt the person who should have an extra pat-down was my 14 year old son traveling with his parents & brother. WE must appear very scary.

    Hilarious! All the Canadians I know are extremely polite. :D

  12. The Toronto Sun's award winning cartoonist, Andy Donato, had this for us in yesterday's Sunday Sun.

    Jess, any idea what genes mutated in that baby? :blink:

    I'd start with common sense.

    Large "deletion mutations" of that sort aren't viable 99.999,999% of the time, but are known to produce extremely virulent toxicological effects if propagated. Think weapons grade!

    Hopefully it fizzles out, only affecting patient zero and the ones hugging/kissing it, but that might be just wishful thinking.


    Hmm, did the cartoonist forget to draw the egg that baby came from!!? My 9 yr old says it looks like this one. :ph34r::o


  13. Egads!!!:blink::P

    Almost reminds me of undergrad--used to work in the molecular biology lab for our advisor in the evenings till very late, but sometimes we dipped into the 100% EtoH.

    One pretty, brilliant and hardworking gal (now a brilliant physician, but still a very good friend) awoke the next am on the lab bench surrounded by giggling freshman biology students. Maybe one day she'll see this post. I hope not.


  14. Mygawd... . . . .... . .....Dada is. .. ..... .. .....Elmer Fudd! :lol:

    *snort* Yes, well.. . . . .... . . ..you haven't allowed us much time. . . . .....give us a few days. . .. . ..


    Ok, sing wiwth me!

    "I'm too sexy for my wove, too sexy for my wove,

    Wove's going to weave me

    I'm too sexy for this gwuten, too sexy for reow bwead,

    too sexy to get sick..."

    Is it duck season ow wabbit season?

    Naww, it's time fow a dwink! :) I took off my tie.