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  1. I've lost 30 lbs. since going gluten-free 10 months ago. It's come off slowly (which is much safer) and easily. I haven't even been paying attention to portion sizes or calories counts and I've lost the weight. I think most of it is that, before going gluten-free, I was hungry CONSTANTLY. I could finish a huge meal the size of a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal and my stomach was literally rolling with hunger 20 minutes later. I just couldn't get enough food to feel satiated. As I said, I don't worry about portion sizes now because the gluten-free foods are satisfying me and I find I don't
  2. I've been pretty lucky that my local Wal-mart carries gluten-free Rice, Honey Nut, Corn and Cinnamon Chex. BUT...I had an experience of my own with that. I bought a box of Honey Nut Chex that had the gluten-free designation on the front. Ate half the box, no problem. Had a bowl one morning, prepared as I always do with fruit on the top and the same brand and type of milk as usual. As I was eating, I noticed 2 slightly smaller and darker appearing Chex in the bowl. It brought me up short and I hemmed and hawed around about eating them and/or finishing the bowl. Eventually, I figured th
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