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  1. kdonov2

    Most Gluten-Free-Friendly City

    Thank you all for your input! I have some research to do. I did not even consider Boulder before.
  2. Originally posted in travel, but I thought it would get more hits here. Anyone know what cities (U.S.) are the safest...
  3. kdonov2

    Any Celiacs With Face Swelling?

    I am gluten intolerant and used to wake up with swollen lips and eyelids. They would remain puffy for the 1st half hour...
  4. I react to gluten-distilled alcohols. I don't know about whiskey or gin, but Smirnoff, Chopin, Ciroc, Pinnacle vodkas...
  5. Does anyone know if this product is gluten free? I stupidly bought a pint as it was on sale and I saw that it was vegan...
  6. I don't know if my case counts, but I am gluten intolerant and experience fewer obvious symptoms the more often I eat...
  7. Anyone know if they are they gluten free? It would be nice to be able to avoid the expensive, gourmet stuff. I am particularly...
  8. kdonov2


    I tried an organic green juice drink from Whole Foods that was labeled "gluten free" but also contained wheat and barley...
  9. Thanks. I should be more careful there. I often have silent symptoms, so I could be destroying my body and not even know...
  10. I am casein intolerant and also just got hired as a barista. We use the same milk-steaming wands for soy and dairy milk...
  11. I followed the Trader Joe's gluten free list today. They said that all of their hummuses were gluten free except for...
  12. kdonov2


    I emailed Einstein Brothers and Intelligentsia (got some free bags of coffee from them), explained what gluten was, that...
  13. kdonov2


    Thanks. I will do some contacting.
  14. What gluten ingredients should I be looking for that are most commonly added to these toiletries? My naturopath told...
  15. Does anyone know of any brands of coffee that are gluten free (I especially love vanilla, hazlenut and irish creme)?...