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Jefferson Adams is Celiac.com's senior writer and Digital Content Director. He earned his B.A. and M.F.A. at Arizona State University, and has authored more than 2,500 articles on celiac disease. His coursework includes studies in science, scientific methodology, biology, anatomy, medicine, logic, and advanced research. He previously served as SF Health News Examiner for Examiner.com, and devised health and medical content for Sharecare.com. Jefferson has spoken about celiac disease to the media, including an appearance on the KQED radio show Forum, and is the editor of the book "Cereal Killers" by Scott Adams and Ron Hoggan, Ed.D.

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  4. An excellent point. We are all hostage to the lowest common denominator here. If people stay home, and follow social distancing rules, this will pass faster than if people are lax and scattershot in their approach. We also need testing once people have gone through quarantine.
  5. Celiac.com 03/26/2020 - Hard seltzers are the new drink on the scene, and many are gluten-free. Most of these products are brewed on premises by small breweries, and so not intended for mass consumption...
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