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  1. Any Backpackers Out There?

    To add to my previous message: Here's a link to Fantastic which lists some of their instant soups. We've enjoyed the split pea during a lot of trips. http://www.fantasticfoods.com/diet/wheat_free.php Hope this is helpful.
  2. Any Backpackers Out There?

    Hi, I've used the following on long trips, hope this helps: Breakfast--Instant grits or a quick rice hot cereal by Lundgrens, with dried fruit and nuts. Or for the first morning or two corn tortillas keep ok in cool weather, then put instant eggs and veggies in them. Lunch--Lara Bars, rice crackers (I repackage them for the pack) with protein of choice, dried fruit bars, almonds, almonds with raisins, I think it is Clif Bars that also makes a gluten free fruit and nut bar. Supper--Thai Kitchen packaged meals. There are several brands that produce instant gluten free soup (though I'm drawing a blank right now). Annie's makes a gluten-free mac and cheese. We have the cookbook Simple Foods for the Pack (an old Sierra Club book, I think??)--many of the recipes in there are gluten free or can be changed to be gluten free. We have used quinoa in place of bulgur in both a dried/backpacking tabouli recipe and a fresh one at home. For the dried/backpacking tabouli we use dried parsley flakes and diced sundried tomatoes, and other dried spices. Sorry I'm a vegetarian so no recommendation on the meats. Oh, and Lundgrens makes some instant rice pilafs and some boxed risotto mixes too. We also mix our own instant potatoes au gratin for trips too--purchased dried potato slices and gluten-free cheese powder. Hope all goes well and you have many more miles!
  3. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Hi All, I'm not in your area (northern Wisconsin/northern Minnesota) any more, but I loved Grandma Ferdon's in Hayward. There is a company in Madison that makes great gluten-free veggie burgers that I think are only available in the upper Midwest--I miss the burgers. Jeany, where can you eat out on the Range? When I'm there all I ever end up doing is eating a salad or baked potato, are there any good gluten-free friendly places to eat out? Does the co-op in Virginia still carry a fair amount of gluten-free foods? Best to all, wish I was back up there!
  4. Hi, I eat Mary's Gone Crackers all the time without a problem. I think their factory is dedicated gluten-free. Could it be the fiber or an undiagnosed allergy to an ingredient? Frustrating situation, hope it improves:)
  5. Support Group On Oregon?

    I realize that these are old posts, but Nancy, I've heard that the Salem group is incredible, but that was a few years ago. Tom, I haven't heard of active groups outside of Portland and Salem areas. I heard a rumor a few years ago that there was a bit of a group in Bend. Hope this helps! I asked this in another thread, but does anyone know of any gluten-free friendly restaurants in Bend? Thanks!
  6. Grrrr....

    Oh my god! I love this site, someone always has something similar going on in their gluten-free lives--it makes me feel so normal:) I have had crazy gluten dreams, where somehow I either cheat or I'm tricked into it. Once the dream was so real that I woke up expecting to be sick because I "ate" a gluten baked good. Weird how our unconscious deals with our gluten-free lives! To Sarah 513, you definately should make something delicious and not share it. We had a retreat for work once and we went potluck on some of the meals and the rest were provided. Needless to say the provided meals were going to be great and gluten filled, unfortunately for me. One of my co-workers (who I'm mentioned as a jerk before) made a few snide comments to me. So I baked a gluten-free pear crumble and ate that for breakfast, everyone was green with envy. Make them envious! Have fun Sarah! Best Wishes!
  7. Bend, Oregon

    Hi, Does any one know of any gluten-free friendly restaurants in Bend, Oregon? We prefer not to eat at chain restaurants--like to shop/eat local. Thanks for your help! Have a Good Day!
  8. I love Larabars. I'm not an "extremist", but I do like foods with fewer preservatives. The Cherry Pie flavor is my favorite--I love dried cherries. I tried their ginger one recently and it is really good. A lot of the women who I are in my cycling club love Larabars and they are not even Celiacs. Everyone has different tastes:) Have a Good Day!
  9. Celiac T-shirts

    I love it. It is funny. It is frank. Some days that phrase just sums it up. I think that the shirts would help raise awareness the same amount that any other "celiac shirt" would. I have to say this--I have Celiac Disease, it is frustrating, an inconveinence, and at times scary=it sucks. But I am learning to cope with it. I don't feel blessed to have the disease and I don't feel that gluten is evil/bad for all humans, gluten just doesn't work for me and other Celiacs. We're all handed things to deal with in life, and Celiac Disease is what I have to deal with. Humor helps me cope. The shirts make me laugh. Thanks for sharing the shirts with all of us. And thanks to everyone for our diverse opinions. Have a Good Day!
  10. Grrrr....

    Hi, I've also had people say the "oh, maybe I should have celiac disease too, so I can lose weight", like someone else said, I point out that you could see my ribs (not to mention most of the rest of my skeleton too) and that I spent most of my time on the toilet, and that I was dx with arthritis in my early 20's, and anemia, and... I don't get mad when people accidently/forgetfully offer me food. We all forget/can't know everyone's life story. But the things that irk me are the intentional or lack of compassion comments. My Grandma, who I love dearly, told me that the reason I have celiac disease is because I became a vegetarian as a teenager. During that first post-dx visit she also baked tons of gluten baked goods for me and held them in front of me and told me to eat them. I tried to explain genetics to her, but it fell on deaf ears. Eventually my aunts and mom worked on her and she came around. The last time that I visited she made me crustless raspberry glace pies and she recently told me I need to start my own gluten-free bakery--I'm glad she changed because her first reaction really hurt. I'm glad we have this safe place to vent here (it means I can be nicer to the gluten filled world). Thanks, Have a Good Day!
  11. Grrrr....

    Hi, I love this conversation! I use to have a co-worker (very difficult person), who would always buy doughnuts and other sweets and literally moan over how good they were. She would give me the "oh, sorry, I know you can't eat this..." kind of line. As someone mentioned before, at least I will always have the better figure than her. Recently, when I was explaining celiac disease to someone, they said, "Oh, I would kill myself if I had that,...if I couldn't eat bread..." I've thought of several witty comebacks since then, but none at the time of course. My husband did step in to the conversation and put the fellow in his place a bit (but very nicely). Ugh, people can be horrible. Thanks for venting and letting me vent! Have a Good Day!
  12. Thanks for posting the Duluth News Tribune article about the gluten-free food store/restaurant in Hayward, Wisconsin. The article has a couple of "gluten-free" errors, but is great otherwise. I've eaten food from there when I've been visiting family in the region and it was good. I hadn't had a pasty in a long time.
  13. Hi, Congrats on going gluten-free, as tough as it is the diagnosis and gluten-free diet make life easier. At only 10 days gluten-free your body is still doing a lot of adjusting so it just may be that. However, bloating is one of the signs that I get indicating I may have accidently consumed gluten. Most of the time I "just" get "D" and horrid stomach cramps, but sometimes no "D"/stomach cramps instead just huge bloating. Have you de-glutened your kitchen? Maybe you are getting gluten from your pans, dishes, or utensils? Or kissing a gluten consumer just after they ate? Lots of potential sources. You'll figure it out with time. Best Wishes!
  14. Hi, Cheating isn't an option. Ouch!--accidently gluten consumption hurts enough, why would I want to do that on purpose? And I agree with who ever said it already, the bigger health risks also make me too scared to cheat.
  15. Portland Area Restaurant

    Hi, My husband and I drove up and ate at Corbett's Fish House today. What a treat! Good "regular" food that I didn't have to worry about! I haven't had either fried fish or french fries at a restaurant since I was diagnosed--I really enjoyed it. And to top it off gluten-free cheesecake! I haven't had cheesecake at all since I was diagnosed almost two years ago. It was delicious. I was elated! Good service and pleasant owners, too. Great experience--I recommend Corbett's to others! Best Wishes!