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  1. Hello, (new) friend. Just curious: Have you ever gone to your local drug or health store and bought yourself alpha-lipoic acid? If so, any good results? - P.J.

  2. Been lactose intolerant since about age 10. Not long ago after about 3 months of being gluten-free I had some ice cream...
  3. Thank you for this recommendation! I just had Kinnick the other day and it was awful! Same w/Nature's highlights. ...
  4. Is Candex similar to Caprylic acid? I used to take that and have been thinking of resuming as I still have ups and downs...
  5. There are quite a few grain-free cat foods following the scare a couple years back. I feed mine a prescription food...
  6. shirleyujest

    Tremor Anyone?

    In response to the various questions... it's shaking back and forth, like vibrating. Like I said it's a fine movement...
  7. shirleyujest

    Tremor Anyone?

    Mine is a very fine tremor in my head. Does anyone have this? Any theory how to improve it, say B12 twice a day instead...
  8. shirleyujest

    Frequently Asked Questions

    So funny! Thank you for that! :lol: :lol:
  9. shirleyujest

    Gluten Free Flour

    Do they have an expiration date? If so you could return them to the store and ask for a fresh package. Sorry can't...
  10. shirleyujest

    Mcds French Fries

    This is only anecdotal, but I had some fries there last week for the first time since going gluten-free in May, and had...
  11. Maybe when you have a craving for pot. chips (it could be the salt and crunch you're drawn to) eat some salted nuts or...
  12. shirleyujest

    How Much Protein Do We Need?

    ITA, I enjoy quinoa. Eat for breakfast w/soy milk honey & cinnamon. The box has a recipe for quinoa tabbouleh I...
  13. shirleyujest

    How Much Protein Do We Need?

    That's helpful. I've read from 50 to 100 grams which is a big swing. Half your weight I can abide by.
  14. t sin 3 Muskateers is also my treat. I rarely ate them before but read here it's a gluten-free candy and I;ve had...