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  1. Hello, (new) friend. Just curious: Have you ever gone to your local drug or health store and bought yourself alpha-lipoic acid? If so, any good results? - P.J.

  2. What about mocha frappucino, anyone happen to know?
  3. Korie, you articulated that process so well. I've noticed that my stomach symptoms come first, then there's a whole unfolding thing with various problems. I've noticed several bad temper flares that I haven't felt for so long -- think I got too tired to feel any strong emotions. (lupus and maybe...
  4. Wow, include me as another gi or celiac disease (whatever) who has suffered anxiety/depression off and on for years. Past few years I've been on ssri and thought this managed things well. But in the past year or so I've had panic attacks bad enough that for a while I was dependent on xanax twice...