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  1. What did your doctor say about getting pregnant so quickly after going gluten-free? I am a newly diagnosed Celiac and gluten-free eater (3 months). My hubby and i have been trying for 2.5 yrs and just this month starting trying again. I'm so excited to see what happens, but some people seem to thing that this is too soon after changing my diet?? What did your docs say about it? My doctor knows about my diagnosis and that we are trying and she didn't seem to thing that was a problelm. I've heard so many success stories of pregnancy within a few weeks after changing diet but i also hear the people who say to absolutely wait a year. I'm a bit torn on what to think. All i know is that my husband and i have been trying for a long time and now maybe we have a little hope.
  2. Wow, our stories are very similar also..... My husband and I have been trying for 2.5 yrs and nothing. I had the tests, procedures, pills and everything else under the sun and still nothing. I was diagnosed as a Celiac 3 months ago (endoscopy) and have been gluten-free. We are still trying and i'm feeling much much better. I was trying not to get my hopes too high, but i honestly keep telling myself it is going to happen, much like you. I've had cysts before and know those pains. This week, i started to feel them again, went back to my doctor and had an US done. She actually had good news.....I was ovulating and not only that I had 3 follicles on my one ovary that looked good.....you know the rest of the story. So i'm very excited to see what happens in a few weeks with my menstrual cycle or hopefully, lack thereof. Now my hopes are a little higher. I wonder however if i'm crazy and this is a little too soon for my body to be healed or if things could truly change that quickly. Keep me posted on your progress.
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