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  1. Hello! Just wanted to reply as I may have some helpful info for ya. I too get weird stomach issues when I cheat on...
  2. PhillyCeliacTriathlete

    Continuous Diarrhea

    Deborah, You are in the same boat as many people I have known prior to eating the Paleo Diet. It is likely, going...
  3. PhillyCeliacTriathlete

    ? Diet Pepsi, Caramel Coloring

    Nevermind the gluten, why are you drinking a wasted calorie such as soda anyway? It couldn't be more unnatural. Try non...
  4. Matt, Please be aware of Designer Whey. Their products are mass produced and sold cheaply for a reason. The protein...
  5. PhillyCeliacTriathlete

    What A Welcome Surprise!

    Wow. It's not often you read good news about docs these days, so I was pleasantly surprised your son Brandon got the...
  6. People eat M&M's out of choice? That must be the WORST cheapest chocolate on earth. I suggest using anything else...
  7. I totally disagree. The availability, pricing taste and fat content is very impressive for Pamela's Mini Choc Chip Cookies...
  8. PhillyCeliacTriathlete

    Any Celiac Athletes?

    Hello Twin! I have had celiac disease for 10 years and do triathlons year round. Running is fantastic. It is such a stress...
  9. You would do best on a Paleo Diet. It is the cleanest diet for celiacs, yet the hardest. If you can do it, like I have...
  10. PhillyCeliacTriathlete

    Celebrities With Celiac?

    John Forberger is a famous triathlete, runs a blog (www.glutenfreetriathlete.com), has Celiac Disease and kicks butt...
  11. PhillyCeliacTriathlete

    Easy, Yummy Bread In Minutes

    I found an AWESOME hamburger bun recipe (taken from http://glutenfreetriathlete.com/blog/glute...s-for-the-bbq/). Check...
  12. PhillyCeliacTriathlete

    I Cant Deal With This Anymore, Please Help..

    Hello there adeladiez. I've had Celiac for nearly 6 years and have been happy pretty much 50% of the time. HA. (Joke...