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  1. Which is why I have a list of questions I have to "interview" a doctor I've been told is good before I even get into his "practice". Top of the list is, "Can you listen to a question I have without using that time to think about what you're going to say next?"
  2. Went to dermatologist for ugly, itchy, weepy rash, particularly around my midsection and chest. Doctor walks in and takes one look. Conversation goes as follows: Doc: Nasty lookin' rash. Bet it itches. Me: Uh huh. What is it? Doc: *shrugs shoulders* Dunno. Here's some cream. Probably...
  3. Here's the rub (LOL) - you're not doing yourself any favors because you're still using tobacco. I've buried both parents and an aunt due to lung cancer/celiac in the last 3 years, and I'm a 7-year-quit-smoker, but I'm still no Nicotine Nazi - if you want to smoke, smoke. If you don't, don't....