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  1. Hello & Welcome..... I a little confused as  you said" I did  eat  something with flour" so  does  this  mean  you haven't been eating  gluten? Please  clarify.... also  has  anyone  ever  checked  your gallbladder?  Make  sure  you are consuming  gluten  for  the  endo & ask for  5-6  biopsies....Do you also  have  stomach  ulcers?

  2. Is  there a reason you can not  get  tested  for  celiac  first?It  is always  best  to be tested  when possible....Why are  you not  eating protein? yes, it is possible to feel  very weak  when not consuming  the  correct  balance  of  food  &  enough  food..even if  you get  dx'd  celiac  one  must  maintain  a balance  of  foods (  healthy foods) so  the  gut  can heal....When a person does not  consume  enough food their  blood  sugar  can  drop.....


  3. You are  still in the infant  stage  of  healing  celiac. some  people  have  found  they  are sensitive  to  many other  food  items... Doctors  sometimes  tell patients  to stay away from  any  type of  dairy for at  least 6 months... Dairy  is also broken down at the tips of the villi .....There  are  many  who react  to  soy products, I  for one  can not tolerate  any soy....or MSG which is another beast....

    I would  suggest  eating  only  grass fed  beef, organic  chicken, wild  caught  fish,  veggies &  fruits  until  your  gut  settles  down. It  does  sound  very limited but  it  works....When  your  gut  is  better  it  will tell you what it likes & dislikes. You maybe  surprised that  things  you never thought  were an issue  are  &  things  you thought  were  nasty  are  now  okay... plus  cravings  do  go away .....good luck

  4. bartfull....... it  is so  great  to hear  your news & wonderful  that  you are having  a  well deserved  respite  form  pain...My  hubby  did  this years  ago  & worked well for  a  period  of  time but  as he  said "  any time  minutes, hours  , days   or  month's  is  worth  it  ,not being  in  unbearable  pain.... I  pray  it  lasts  & lasts  for  you....

  5. one  great deed  deserves another.... when Eloise  older  sister  was killed  in an auto accident  her  parents  donated  her  heart  & organs  that  were not  damaged to another  child, well here it is four  years later  & they received  the gift  of organ transplant for Miss Eloise....Just proves  what  I believed all along  God always gives  back three fold.... so to all ; remember any good  deed  will come back to you...peace

  6. it  takes  time  for the gut to heal  no person is the  same....it  sounds  like  your  daughter  is making progress  in the right direction just  keep her 100%  gluten-free  24/7  &  don't look back....I agree  with  the others sure  sounds  like  celiac... for  your  son....if  you are not  happy  with the  results  take  your  medical copies  &  go  to another  doctor  for  another  opinion... not all doctors  knows or understands  celiac or  ncgs....

  7. Congrats  on your  new  baby(big baby)!!!! Patches  knew  immediately who to  love  & hook onto.... they are so smart, he  wasn't  just  going to pick any old body  he knew  what he was looking  for!!!!! Glad  he  choose  you , he  will have a great  wonderful  life.....Sorry about  the death..... You & patches  will be a comfort  to each other..... :wub:

  8. I don't  know  much  about  the military  but  in the last  several months  I have  met  men  who have  been medically discharged  because of celiac. That  makes me  angry & them  too....it  seems  the  govt  doesn't  want to be  bothered  with  people  who have celiac  they just  toss  them out...that  is  so sad.  These  men & women  love  our  country  &  many  make the ultimate  sacrifice   & the  gov't  tosses  them like  they are  nothing.....SAD....

  9. very sad  celiac  is  still  not  known very well  but  the last   few  years  things  have been  moving in the right  direction....no human  wants to see another  human  in  such  pain &  anguish...try not  to dwell on the past  but  use  that  angry energy to  grow  with knowledge of  celiac  so  a few  years  down the road  you too  can be  guiding  someone  to a gluten-free  lifestyle...and  you  will be  a new  healthy happy  celiac ....for  future  years to come...

    If  you have  family  siblings  or  children please  have  them tested.....

     You are well on  your  way to  growing...  Kiddos  to you...

  10. Hello & Welcome

    Some  people  feel  very sad & angry  to get  a  formal dx's but  for others  it  is a life  changing  moment  to better  health...We all process  things  different so  no right or  wrong  way. There  is a learning  curve to master  the gluten-free  lifestyle , it  takes  time  but most  get  it  figured out. Celiac  is like a chameleon as  no two are  exactly alike so  what  works for one  may not be  good for another...

    1. Start out  with things  you already know to eat: "naked foods" meats, fish, veggies, fruits, without  marinades, rubs, sauces, coatings. You  can  add  your own  seasoning  that  is gluten-free.


    2. Try to avoid  processed  gluten free foods  in the beginning even  if  they are  gluten-free...some  people  even avoid  dairy  for  6 months  or so....all this  gives  the  intestinal tract a  chance to heal  without  added  junk.....but  if  you are  craving  something  give in to a  bite, you never  want to feel food  deprived. It  also  is  better  to try to  eat  at home . Restaurants /fast food  gluten-free  or not  in the  beginning  can play havoc  ...if you must  eat  out  be  very  selective  &  go to places  that  have a gluten-free menu ....&  don't  be  afraid to ask lots of questions.IE: do you add  pancake batter to your scrambled  eggs, do you cook  the gluten-free  pasta in the  same  water as  the  wheat pasta?Do  you have gluten-free  soy  sauce?



    3. Clean out  the kitchen:  make  sure  no scratches  in pots & pans, plastic  or  wooden utensils..Scratched  items  that  had  been used  for  wheat  can  hold gluten  in the  deep scratches. Toaster  for  just  gluten-free( can't  get  rid  of  wheat  crumbs in a  toaster). Breadmaker can  be  a  problem as well.

    Make  a separate  shelf  on top  for  all your  gluten-free  foods. Decide  if  you  will have a  dual kitchen with  wheat  products & gluten-free  or  go all gluten-free....If  it's a  dual kitchen  talk to everyone  in the home  & make  ground  rules. No  double  dipping  in  jars, condiments, no  wheat  items  directly on  any  counters, things  like  that.


    4. Taking  away  gluten  is  alike to loosing a loved one, we  also  go through  a  grieving  process: anger, sadness,   why me, bargaining &  finally  hope & healing... gluten can also be like an opiate for  some....


    And  yes to your  question: some  people  react to  rice,  esp corn, soy, GMO  products, MSG & so on. again  as  you move  along  you  will find  the  things  that  bother  you.. You  will begin  to be able to read  what your  body is telling you... Listen....at  first  your  selection may be  limited  but  you  may well be able to add  a lot more  into your  diet  once  you are  healed....


    5. Educate  yourself in  steps  & try not to  do  all the learning  in a  day  , week or   month.  Being gluten-free  is a 24/7 daily  learning  experience. Take  your time  & master  each  phrase  as  you go  then  you  will not  have to back  tract  as  much....there  will be  ups & downs  &  even  mishaps. Don't  beat  your self  up  for a  mistake but  make it a learning  experience....it is only a mistake  when  nothing is  learned  !A good  lesson  learned  is knowledge.


    6.  Look  for a  local  gluten-free  support  group  & latch onto a  knowledgeable  strict  celiac  .....Strict  is the  key  word.....


    No  two  people  heal  alike  so  some  foods  may be bother  some  & not others. The  body  is  a  very  technical  machine so  it  may  fight  you  back  some  days. I love digestive  enzymes  to help  with that. They  break down  the carbs, proteins & such  that  we  eat...I also  am a  lover of  probiotics, they are the fighters  in our intestinal  tract....( there is  some  talk  now  about  some  not  being  gluten-free  so  be  selective  if  you  choose to take them).


    Keep asking  questions  , you  are on the right   path...



  11. I   have  been  learning  so much  about  Cat food lately... I love  my furry friends  as  I love my  children!!! Let's  face  it  they are  my  kids  now  that the kids  have  grown...heck, I  don't  even  think  they  know  they  are  considered  pets! But  they  put  up  with us  humans  &  let  us  have a  small place  on the  couch &  bed!!!!

    Here  is  what  I'm  learning, we  should not  be feeding dry  food to  cats, not  enough moisture ( constipation) &  other  issues  happen... esp. in older  cats... also  can  cause  overweight  &  diabetes....out  cat  loves  dry food  &   canned  ......Recently at a  vet   apt they  said  I  really needed  to  do  something  in regards to  the  cat as  far as feeding.... The  cat   could  stay on  wild  Alaskan  salmon  raw & other  raw  foods  but  needed  to  get  rid  of the  dry  food  & only give  it  as  a  few grains  for a treat  & try to  wean  off completely.... I  purchased  a  low carb  food  called EVO  which was a start. Cat  is VERY picky but  ate  this  dry.  Plus  I  found  all low carb canned   food (  which  again  I  need  to wean off  of). I  continued  my research  to  find  Radcat  &  Young Again cat  food... tons  of  good  reports....I  received samples  of  Young Again  &  cat loved  it... I  just ordered  this food  cat  is loving it &  vet  is  very happy. saying  I probably  am adding  years to  cats  life....We too  have  noticed  a  difference  in the  cat... All good...

    I think we  as  humans  tend to think  what  we  eat  like  veggies  & grains  are also good  for  our  furry friends  but  that  is not  so...So  we  are  now  almost  weaned    after  11  years!