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Very sick starting 1996. Went from Dr. to Dr. had all the tests, said IBS and stress. Retired at executive position, high end life ...should not complain So disgusted always feeling somewhat sick, etc.. Went along w/the stress diagnoses! Since then had "bouts" of "intestional" problems, raw inside colan. Tested and confirmed alot of food allergeries!

Still not feeling right. Eat the same thing almost everyday. Interesting that all drs. seen and test, once they find out that you do have stress in your life (who doesn't).....that's what they concur!

  1. Somehow this doesn't seem the right thing to do. I know after reviewing many articles on this, doctors do say to do this.......but when you think about it.....it's almost like drugs......yes, if you take, yes they will show up positive. My dr. (I am not saying he's correct....believe...
  2. I know how you feel.....I feel the same as you! But, considering how sickly we have felt for so long, personally speaking I'm trying my best each day to improve/avoid the foods I must not eat. Some days I do, some days I don't give a care! BUT, each day is better........I guess...
  3. Almost same story as mine. Now that I look back at my records I've been sick on and off (3 month bouts) for the last ten years! I had all the tests you had, plus. But not to Celiac! This past year I had a blood test for food allergeries (if you haven't had done, do it) this has...
  4. Does anyone have a "good bread" that I can buy in a local store?????? I do not want to make because I really don't eat that much and would like to just have one hand! I too am new to the gluten free foods and trying to switch over and quickly as I can.....any suggestions would...
  5. The Almond Milk is really good! I get the original unsweetened at Kroger's sometimes on sale for $2.00 you do not have to refrig. It's good for about 6 months. when on sale I buy all (12) one lasts me about a week. Use in everything. Better than regular! Good try!
  6. I've come to the conclusion that I too must change the way I have been eating. I have been "trying" to eat regular food (corn flakes bananas, strawberried, smoked turkey, flat bread) I was tested for food allergeries....wow! you get a booklet on how many your allergic too&#...