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  1. Hey guys, Sorry for taking so long to reply. Okay so I've done some more experimenting.... I tried gluten again and...
  2. I had a blood test and biopsy for celiac disease and both came back negative. Anyway, I tried the gluten free diet and...
  3. Thanks for your replies I have been tested a couple of times for diabetes but tests came back negative. I am...
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply Yeah I am sure my other symptoms will get better with time. I am just a bit worried in...
  5. Hi, I don't know if any of you will remember my previous posts but I have been suffering with a lot of symptoms for...
  6. Sparkle1988

    A Few Questions

    Hi there I have not being diagnosed with celiac but I am currently getting tested. I have had a big swollen gland...
  7. Sparkle1988

    Celiacs Absorbing Iron?

    Ok, thanks for your reply jkr
  8. Sparkle1988

    Celiacs Absorbing Iron?

    Hi again Just thought I would let you know that my biopsy wen really well yesterday. I have still got a sore throat...
  9. Sparkle1988

    Celiacs Absorbing Iron?

    Thanks for all your replies guys! I get my biopsy tomorrow morning so I will let you know how it goes. I'm a bit worried...
  10. Sparkle1988

    Left Side "discomfort"?

    Hi Lisa_123 Celiac doesn't run in my family, but there are a few people in my family who have 'IBS' and they have...
  11. Sparkle1988

    Left Side "discomfort"?

    Hi lisa_123 I also had a negative blood test for Celiac (although the doctor only did one part of the test so it wasn...
  12. Sparkle1988

    B12 Questions

    I have not been diagnosed with Celiac but am currently getting tested for it. My B12 was at 86 around a year ago so...
  13. Sparkle1988

    Celiacs Absorbing Iron?

    Thanks for your replies guys. I'm just wondering if Celiac Disease would be ruled out of the list of possiblities...
  14. Hi This may seem like a silly question, but can someone with celiac disease absorb iron in tablet form? The reason...
  15. Sparkle1988

    Left Side "discomfort"?

    I also get this pain in my left hand side. I have it most of the time. Its mainly under the rib but comes right down...