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  1. Hey guys,

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. Okay so I've done some more experimenting.... I tried gluten again and that was definately a bad idea!!! All my symptoms came rushing back around one hour after eating it. Anyway I went to the doctor today for a lactose intolerance test (I need to go back with a stool sample :huh: ), but what I am wondering is, should I be back on lactose for a few days before I take a stool sample to the doc? If so is two days enough time? I have been off lactose for around one to two weeks so far. They also took blood to test me for cows milk allergy.

    Thanks for your help :)

  2. I had a blood test and biopsy for celiac disease and both came back negative. Anyway, I tried the gluten free diet and felt so much better 2 days into it. I didn't feel 100% better though. I drank a large glass of milk and think I may also be lactose intolerant as I suffered breathlessness, dizziness, cramps and diarrhea after drinking it. Today the doctor gave me a blood test for cows milk allergy and I had to give a stool sample for lactose intolerance testing. My results should be back soon. Lactose intolerance seems to be something that celiacs also seem to have before they heal. Who knows, maybe the testing for celiac isn't accurate at all, or maybe my intolerances are just a coincidence. Who knows? :huh:

  3. Thanks for your replies ;)

    I have been tested a couple of times for diabetes but tests came back negative.

    I am actually really confused right now, when I first realised it may be a food intolerance, I immediately gave up lactose. On the lactose free diet I felt great for the first few days but had diarrhea on the fourth day and the fifth (I am thinking now that I may have actually taken in some lactose by accident). I gave up the lactose free diet to then try the gluten free diet, so far I have felt great on the gluten free diet and have not drank as much milk as usual. Today I have ate hardly anything, but had a big glass of milk a couple of hours ago. 10mins after the milk I began having heart palpitations and cramps in my stomach. Then it developed into breathlessness which I am still feeling at the moment, and I now have a headache and a bit of acid reflux. I am starting to think that maybe it isn't gluten? Or maybe it is both. What is the best way to figure out which ones I am intolerant to? I have noticed that many foods that contain gluten also contain lactose, and vice versa. So I am not sure where to start with finding out which is the bad food.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Hi,

    I don't know if any of you will remember my previous posts but I have been suffering with a lot of symptoms for the last good few years - typical celiac symptoms. I had a blood test and endoscopy for celiac and both tests were negative, so my guess was that I am gluten intolerant. I went gluten free on tuesday just past and I feel a lot better already - no cramps and no pains in stomach, and even better...... no diarrhea!! I am just wondering if those of you with gluten intolerance still felt tired and had a few symptoms after the first few days of a gluten free diet? I know that all my symptoms won't disappear all at once. How long did it take for you to not feel as tired? I also have to urinate frequently, is this a symptom of gluten intolerance that could adventually go away? How long did it take you to feel completely better?

    Thanks in advance ;)

  5. Hi again

    Just thought I would let you know that my biopsy wen really well yesterday. I have still got a sore throat though. My results are going to take 3 weeks which sucks! I just want to know.....

    Once my biopsy was done, the doctors couldn't tell me anything about what they seen, they said that they can't tell until the results come through. Is it normal for them not to know roughly what they saw?


  6. Hi Sparkle1988,

    They also tested me for celiac and it came back negative (they also only did one part of the test on me) They told me that the test results will take about 10 days, so i have 8 days left:)

    I have been Gluten free now for about 3 weeks and i have never felt better. It was hard for me to imagine that just changing the way i ate would help with all my symptoms and pain, but it did. I really hope that my results come back as negative to celiacs as i really don't want to have this, although i think im gluten intolerant (that i can live with) but either way i will be fine with what they say.

    How long have you had your symptoms for? does it run in your family?

    Hi Lisa_123

    Celiac doesn't run in my family, but there are a few people in my family who have 'IBS' and they have just accepted that as a diagnosis. Who knows maybe they are actually celiac? I was told I have IBS but I don't think it is that as I have too many symptoms.

    My symptoms (that I can think of at the moment) are: Headaches, diarrhea or loose stools, constipation, constantly tired especially after eating a meal, bone and joint pains, muscles twitches, cramping and sharp pains in my stomach, bloating, burning sensation in my stomach, wind or trapped wind, nausea, feeling dizzy, tingling in hands and feet, sores in mouth, itchy skin, dehydration and always feeling hungry, loss of tooth enamel over the last few years, foggy brain, depression and moodswings (mood can change so quickly), find it hard to gain weight (I am under weight but always have been), low iron and b12.

    Sorry for the long list.................... thats the ones I can think of. Those symptoms can come and go but there are a good few of them that I get every day. What are your symptoms?

  7. Sparkle1998 was just wondering how your test results went? i also had a endoscope done yesterday to try and figure out what's going on with me hopefully get the results back soon

    Hi lisa_123

    I also had a negative blood test for Celiac (although the doctor only did one part of the test so it wasn't even the full test!) I have not had my biopsy yet - I get this done on Friday and I can't wait to get it done and receive my results.

    How long are your results going to take? Hospital results take forever in the UK so I won't be surprised if I need to wait a few weeks for my results.

    I have never been gluten free before but I am going to attempt the diet once I have had my biopsy.

  8. Hi

    This may seem like a silly question, but can someone with celiac disease absorb iron in tablet form?

    The reason I am asking is that I have loads of symptoms which would point to celiac, but I remember that a few years ago when my iron was at its lowest point, I was able to get my iron level back up again with a couple of month supply of iron tablets. Is it possible for this to happen with a person who has celiac?

    I am getting my biopsy done on Friday to test for celiac.


  9. Hi everyone

    I have had an EMA blood test which came back negative. I have now been booked in for a biopsy appointment which is at the end of this month. Could someone please let me know what happens when you go in for a biopsy? Also, would you recommend the throat spray or the sedation. This may sound a bit stupid, but, is the sedation just the gas or is an injection? I am a bit nervous about the biopsy and want the sedation, but I am also scared of needles! lol.



  10. Thanks for replying. Those links you guys have sent are interesting.

    I think it was the IGA (EMA) one the doc did. She also tested me for wheat allergy and several other allergies which came back negative. If someone had celiac would their wheat allergy test come back positive??

    I have looked on the internet and I must be stupid but I can't find anything which tells me what the normal range is for IGA, just so I can see where I sit.


  11. Well I suffer both diarrhea and constipation (mainly diarrhea), but ive had a good couple of weeks as ive had no diarrhea and only constipation a few times. Most of the time diarrhea does bother me but like you were saying, I get good weeks where I don't get it at all.

    My aunt has the exact same symptoms as me (minus the diarrhea), so I think she is going for the biopsy at some point as well. I can't wait to get mine done, just want to know! It would be great to be able to go out for meals and nights/days out and not worry about how ill I might feel.

    Also, what exactly happens during the biopsy? Is the anesthetic an injection? I hate injections so I'm a bit worried about that, but I don't want to have just the throat spray on it own.


  12. Yes, I agree that doctors throw out an IBS diagnosis everytime they're stumped. It sounds like gluten could be the culprit for you. Definitely keep eating gluten if you're going to have the endoscopy. It is possible to have a false negative on the blood test. It is also possible to have a false negative biopsy. (Which is what happened in my case.)

    I would suggest that if your biopsy comes back negative, and your doctor can't come up with any other explanation for what is troubling you... just try the gluten-free diet. It was hard at first, especially since I went through the withdrawal (my GI symptoms actually got worse). But about 3 months later I started feeling so much better. My blood tests had been coming back postive and after going gluten-free it came back negative. I'm so glad I stuck with my "gut" instinct and ignored my doctor in the beginning.


    I will wait for my biopsy, then maybe try the gluten free diet maybe even before I get my test results back. I was wondering, if you are one that has symptoms of diarrhea usually once or twice a day and also regular constipation, is it normal to have some days or weeks where you don't get diarrhea and sometimes dont get constipation? I have had constipation a few times in the last week but no diarrhea at all which is great! All my other symptoms have stuck during this time though.

    I'm just clueless as to whether it could be Celiac or not. Is it possible to have it when no-one in my family (as far as I know) has been diagnosed with Celiac? There are a couple of people in my family who have 'IBS' but have had negative blood tests for celiac (they haven't had biopsies).


  13. There are loads of symptoms for Celiac disease and those are some of them. Have you tried not eating gluten?

    A couple of symptoms I forgot to put on my first post are: breathlessness (tightening feeling in throat and chest), swollen gland in my neck which has been there for over 2yrs (the doctors dont know why its been there so long as apparantly its just an indication that I am 'run down'), I also have itchy skin which really annoys me - especially at night.

    I have been going to the doctors with those symptoms for around a year and they told me I have IBS. All of the tablets they gave me for IBS have not helped me. I dont know what everyone else thinks, but I think IBS is just something you are told you have if the docs dont actually know why you are feeling that way.

    I've never cut gluten out before but the doc says to keep eating it the now as I have a biopsy coming up in the next couple of months.

    By the way, how common are negative blood tests in people with celiac? I'm not sure exactly what tests I had for celiac but as I said before, they came back negative.

    Thanks for your help.

  14. Hi everyone am new!

    My symptoms started a few years back and they have just gradually got worse - feel like rubbish everyday now. Here are my symptoms:




    Stomach cramps




    Joint pains


    Muscle cramps


    Feeling lightheaded

    Lack of concentration

    Anaemia - low iron and b12

    I had a blood test for celiac which came back negative. I'm now waiting on a biopsy appointment. What do you all think?