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  1. I had seizures before I was dx with Celiac, and felt recently as if I was going to have another one... Luckily I didn't... But yes, I have had them... They started when I was 15...
  2. Becci

    Gluten Neuropathy

    I started having seizures before I was dx with celiac disease... The doctors told me it was all in my head. I was too young (at 15) to have all of the problems I did.. I wanted smack him! He did NOTHING of a 15 year old girl having seizures...
  3. My mother in law has it.. Although I am the one with celiac disease, she eats gluten-free while she is living here... The only thing that helps it is an ointment called "Betamethasone Valerate Ointment 0.1%"
  4. Maybe I can try all organic meats.. It'll cost me an arm, a leg and probably my left nostril, but it is worth a shot!
  5. I have noticed a routine in my nausea... Since I went gluten-free in May '09, I was fine... I had a problem with dairy for a while, but it eased up. I started getting nauseated again about 3-4 months ago (roughly) and haven't been able...
  6. Thank you all... I got glutened last night, so I will start ruling out as soon as its over.
  7. Becci

    Just Got Glutened!

    I actually start feeling gluten in 1-3 hours... 4 Max.. And since I haven't been able to eat to start with, I only ate dinner yesterday... So it WAS from dinner.. But my worst doesn't usually start until day 3.. As for the beans and...
  8. Becci

    Just Got Glutened!

    Thanks so much, Scooby
  9. Becci

    Just Got Glutened!

    Hmm.. Sorry you got CC I wish I knew what it was!! I am getting so MAD! :'-(
  10. Becci

    Just Got Glutened!

    I listed the brand name a second ago, it was from Walmart.. And my husband cooked it.. We have a gluten-free household, so no 'known' gluten here...
  11. I am feeling the gluten now. Stomach pains, Nausea and depression already... I ate for dinner: Fire Side Gourmet 100% Pure Black Angus Beef hamburger patty Bush's Black Beans and Great Value Creamed Corn.. What could it have been...
  12. My mother is the same way... She is not un-supportive of me, in most ways.. But, she refuses to get tested or even go gluten-free. She has a TON of the symptoms, and refuses to try!
  13. Hi everyone and thank you for responding... Okay, from the top. 1.) I have been Trying to conceive for 1 year, but I am positive I am not pregnant. 2.) I haven't eaten oats since last Thanksgiving... 3.) I am going to cut out Dairy...
  14. Is it possible that I could have an additional food allergy? I was dx with Celiac May of last year, but over the last 3 months, I have been nauseated everyday to the point I have lost 10 pounds from not being able to eat.. I am 5'8", and...