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  1. Aside from the amount of rice flour and other gluten free grain type varieties that I wasn't eating much before, no, my diet has stayed pretty much the same. Maybe slightly less protein, but not much.
  2. But I've been gluten free for less than a month. It's not like I haven't eaten gluten in half a year, or even 1/12th of a year. And it wasn't like I could eat half an english muffin and not feel sick. It's like I could have gotten all my daily calories from english muffins and not noticed a thing. And I wasn't checked for any other allergens because I didn't have any (and by any I really mean any) GI symptoms. I didn't go on a gluten free diet to be alleviated of any GI symptoms, I went on a gluten free diet to not get ostheoperosis at age 54.
  3. I've been gluten free for about 2 and a half weeks now, and my stomach has been worse than it was when I was on gluten. This is particularly noticeable because I had no gastrointestinal symptoms of Celiac disease (I was asymptomatic aside from low bone density, which is a frightening enough prospect to make me stay gluten free). But I've had things just going right through me since I've gone gluten free, and had to use the restroom for No. 2 up to 4 times a day. Prior to going gluten free, I was very, very regular (1-2 times per day), which surprised all my doctors. Now, clearly a coup
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