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  1. Here is the full pdf version of the Gluten sensitivity as a neurological illness http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1737870/
  2. Hey, I primarily had neurological symptoms. I had this horrible feeling that I'd been drugged that went on for months. I had cloudy thinking and a very strange sensation in the back of my head. My neck also would ratchet when I moved my head up and down. Very weird. I also had muscle twitching, weakness, and cramps. Some weird visual problems to that aren't quite resolved yet. When all this was going on I was also having very bad anxiety and I can tell you for a fact that anxiety can amplify your symptoms 100 times. If you are having bad anxiety it can make your muscle twitching a
  3. What type of muscle twitching do you have? What part of your body? How bad is your anxiety? When my anxiety was at its worst my muscles were twitching all over the place. Celiac can cause all sort of weird symptoms. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Give it some time, takes some good vitamins and wait it out. It will get better.
  4. Hi I had this same thing as well. I've been gluten free now for 6 months and the twitching is now about gone but it took MONTHS for it to go away. You are probably deficient in vitamins and minerals. I started taking a gluten free multi vitamin about 5 weeks ago and it has slowly improved things. The one I take is called Bio-35 . http://www.bio35.com/products/prodDetails.asp?pID=45 You can get a free trial of it at the link above. I have been pretty strict on taking it 3 times a day and it has helped restore my vitamin levels. It's amazing what Celiac can do to your body.
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