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  1. "

    I found these:


    They have one in Arabic - hope that helps!


    I'm half arabic and I can't read these at all, other than to say that the person is holding the card is ill and can't eat [...] who know what follows. It's written is very small handwriting which isn't very clear even when I zoom in on my PC.

    I found this thread while looking up the translation for the word "celiac" in arabic so I could supply a better translation, My arabic isn't stellar, but it would at least be readable. I have these cards in other languages and my italian and israeli freinds say they're clear in those languages so I'm not knocking the cards at all, just saying I don't know how helpful that one is. The itouch/ipod version of the arabic card is better as it's printed but referes to wheat kernels instead of wheat.

  2. Hi Beth, I'm so sorry to hear all the pain and discomfort you've been feeling. My honest opinion? Make a trip home and see a doctor. Yes, it's disruptive and expensive, but your long term health is worth the time and money, especially since you can't really function as you are anyway.

    You could try going gluten free like your doing now, which is what I did (because I'm in the UK and doctors are a bit hit and miss here.) but the problem with that is a gluten challenge made me feel so overwhelmingly awful, I just couldn't continiue with it, so now here I am, not diagnosed which means no discounted gluten-free food for me here. My doc is a reasonable person so I'm sure I could ask him for a referal to a nutrionist, which i would normally get if I were diagnosed, but he might not, then I'd have to pay for that as well. I wish I'd known about celiac disease a year ago and haden't been so impatient to feel better.

    There's also the chance it might be something else, so it's definitly not worth taking a gambel with overseas doctors. God helps those who help themselves, and you've been given a lot of clues that you need to get checked out by someone you can trust.

    I hope whatever you do, you feel better soon.



  3. Hi Kim,

    I'm 32 and get joint pains when I get glutened. My fingers, wrists, ankels and knees are affected as well as my shoulders. It's usually the joints and ligaments that might already be a little inflammed from exercise that are worst affected. It last about 5 days in my case then dies down.

    I find fish oil to help SO much forjoint pains. I take 2-3 grams when it's bad like in the above (but always check with your doc before doing this!)

    Good luck with your doc!