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  1. I just ran my 23 and me dna through a bunch of engines. I don't have the genes for celiac (except one of the contributor genes and a bunch of generic autoimmune ones). I was "diagnosed" through enterolab around 2001. When I got my results, I went gluten-free immediately. 95% of my symptoms disappeared...
  2. those are good points. i can't understand it, it's the oddest thing. i was thinking that it might be a change in the chemical composition that's the problem. i don't know. i was hoping that someone else would have noticed the same thing. ah well, i guess it's just the way it is. thanks...
  3. i know that i have a problem with dairy. it's not bad enough to make me stop eating it, though . but, i'm wondering if anyone here has noticed a larger problem with melted cheese? i can have a piece of cheddar and be fine, but if i take the same piece of cheddar and melt it, about half the time...
  4. nausea/vomiting was one of my symptoms. since going gluten-free it's gone, barring an accident. be aware that most doctors know very little about celiac. it's not touched on much in medical school from what i understand, and it's not the kind of thing that requires much in the way from doctors...