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  1. I just ran my 23 and me dna through a bunch of engines. I don't have the genes for celiac (except one of the contributor genes and a bunch of generic autoimmune ones). I was "diagnosed" through enterolab around 2001. When I got my results, I went gluten-free immediately. 95% of my symptoms disappeared within the year. I'd had daily diarrhea for 13 years and horrible stomach and headaches for 8. I was so happy to find out what it was. Now, I'm super confused (and feel strangely saddened) that I can't call myself a celiac anymore. I've read that there's no such thing as non-celiac gluten sensitivity and yet I greatly improved without gluten and I do not have either of the genes that predispose to celiac. I do have a horde of genes for crohn's, but that doesn't respond to gluten, does it? Give me your expertise, folks.
  2. beelzebubble

    Gluten Free Dog Grooming Products

    after much research, I found out that mane n tail is gluten free and safe for use on animals. i've diluted the shampoo a lot and dissolved some of the conditioner in warm water to make a spray. it seems to be working pretty well.
  3. beelzebubble

    Gluten Free Dog Grooming Products

    our plan with her is to keep it longish, but clipped. she's just so freaking cute with her fluffy hair. we will do a fair amount of thinning as well. so far, she only has her puppy coat. when her adult coat starts coming in we'll definitely get her clipped down until she has her full coat. I don't mind brushing her a couple of times a week, since i need to rinse her frequently for her skin (and my allergies) and she gets well brushed then-one other time is no big deal. their hair is both soft and slightly coarse (the 2 coats), so it requires a conditioning spray to keep the hair from breaking or becoming damaged. i was hoping that someone would have run across this same problem and have a solution for me. ah well... thanks very much for the replies, guys. right now i'm muddling through with rosemary steeped water with a teaspoon of olive oil in a spray bottle.
  4. beelzebubble

    Gluten Free Dog Grooming Products

    oh, and yes, she's on grain free food. we're thinking about doing a homemade diet for her, too.
  5. beelzebubble

    Gluten Free Dog Grooming Products

    i tried your suggestions, and while they work better than no conditioner, they don't quite have the softening power she needs. she's a tibetan terrier puppy and has hair that's getting fluffier and longer by the day. as per the breeder, we give her a bath every 7-10 days with very mild shampoo formulated for puppies diluted 1 to 15 with water (really less of a bath and more of a rinse). her hair is happy and healthy, but it's really hard to get the tangles out without some sort of leave in conditioner. i read online to try rosemary steeped in water, I tried that and added a little bit of olive oil. but that's not enough either, she still tangles horribly. I'm hesitant to use people products on her because she has sensitive skin (ex. she'll chew on herself toward the end of her bath cycle, that's how i know it's time to rinse her again). i also need something that i can use in between baths, her fur needs to be damp for brushing. any other suggestions? thanks
  6. hiya all, anyone have any recommendations for gluten free dog grooming stuff? right now, i mostly need a conditioner/leave-in conditioner. every time i give my dog a bath i break out in a rash on my arms. i thought it was just because i'm a bit allergic to her. however, the last time, i read the ingredients for the leave in conditioner and there was "wheat protein" as one of the main ingredients. doh! i've just spent an hour looking through the ingredients lists on amazon, and i can't seem to find one that doesn't have wheat or oats. any suggestions? c p.s. this may not be in the right place. sorry...
  7. beelzebubble

    Sulfur Burps

    sulphur burps can be the result of foods not breaking down properly in the intestines of people with digestive disorders (like celiac). that was one of my first initial symptoms. it's so awful. i very very rarely get them since going gluten free. anyway, here's a link to an article that explains some of the causes of sulphur burps: http://www.healthhype.com/sulphur-or-rotten-eggs-burps-belching-foul-smelling-gas.html
  8. i know that pho van is sensitive to allergies, but they are super far from where i live. they also don't use gluten free noodles. where do the rest of you in portland get your pho?
  9. beelzebubble

    Craving A Candy Bar!

    actually, it's the other way around. regular milky way has wheat flour in it. midnight is supposed to be safe. here are the ingredients... MILKY WAY
  10. beelzebubble

    Melted Cheese

    those are good points. i can't understand it, it's the oddest thing. i was thinking that it might be a change in the chemical composition that's the problem. i don't know. i was hoping that someone else would have noticed the same thing. ah well, i guess it's just the way it is. thanks guys
  11. beelzebubble

    Melted Cheese

    i guess it is all in my head
  12. beelzebubble

    Melted Cheese

    i know that i have a problem with dairy. it's not bad enough to make me stop eating it, though . but, i'm wondering if anyone here has noticed a larger problem with melted cheese? i can have a piece of cheddar and be fine, but if i take the same piece of cheddar and melt it, about half the time it will give me d. maybe it's all in my head (i don't think so...but). has anyone else noticed this? and if you have, any idea why? carrie
  13. beelzebubble

    Bored With Food!

    i tend to eat really simply during the day. i get most of my excitement out of dinner. but here are some ideas for each meal of the day... brekkie make fried rice-a couple of eggs, leftover rice, frozen peas and corn, sesame oil, wheat free soy sauce, dash of hot sauce if you like, onions, red peppers, garlic, ham, bacon, or mild sausages (kielbasa works well too)--- -cut the meat into tiny pieces and sautee in a small amount of oil, -saute the veggies in the oil that you sauteed the meat in, onions and peppers first, -in a seperate pan, scramble the eggs. -use the oil that you sauteed the veggies and meat in to begin frying the rice that you gently break apart, add the garlic to the rice and fry for about 3 minutes. -prepare your flavoring mix, mix about 3 tbsp soy sauce with 1 tbsp sesame oil in a cup-add a dash of hot sauce and about a tbsp of water. -now add the veggies and eggs to the rice. mix well. once it is mixed, pour the sauce over everything and mix well again -until all of the rice is coated. let the rice simmer until it has absorbed all of the liquid. serve. (oh, and pineapple makes a good veggie too) make french toast-my only tip is...microwave your bread before dipping it in your egg mixture-just until the bread is soft and warm-it soaks up more egg this way make a smoothie-this is my usual breakfast-if you do, i suggest picking up some agave nectar at a whole foods type store-it is great for sweetening smoothies and doesn't affect your blood sugar here are some combos to put in the blender and blend away... -raspberries, blueberries, two whole peeled tangerines, dash of salt, agave nectar to sweeten -young coconut-water and flesh, bag of frozen pineapple, juice of half a lime, 1 tbsp vanilla, dash of salt, agave nectar to sweeten -same as above, just add a banana and 1/2 half a bag of frozen mango in place of half of the pineapple -1 tbsp almond butter, 1 and 1/2 cup water, 2 bananas, 1 cup frozen cherries, cocoa to taste (or carob, or raw cacao), agave to sweeten, dash of salt -1/2 bag pineapple, 1/2 bag frozen rasberries-put them in the blender for about half an hour and just let them defrost, now blend away eat whatever you want for breakfast, who says you need to eat breakfast foods? lunch interesting sandwiches blt made with pancetta for bacon, basil for lettuce, and melted brie -fry the pancetta as you would bacon, toast your bread and then spread a hefty chunk of brie on one piece of bread. melt it. now assemble your sandwich, pancetta, tomato, basil and brie coated bread. i know you don't do dairy, but this was soooooo good that i had to include it for everyone else. avocado, tomato, cilantro and lettuce sandwich. squeeze a little lime or lemon on the avocado, and a dash of salt. it is really good. buy some collard greens-they make fantastic tortilla substitutes, when raw they are really sturdy and have a nice peppery flavor. here are some things i do with them: dice up your favorite raw veggies...i do red pepper, carrots, small amount of green onion, and thawed frozen corn, you could also use snap peas, raw mushrooms, cucumber, anything you would put in a salad really. now, make (or buy) some guacamole. you can even use a food processor if you have one. just make sure you process the chunky ingredients first, add your avocado, salt, and lime juice last. plop a couple of good sized spoonfulls of guac on your collard leaf and spread out. now add your diced veggies. roll up and eat. have fajitas and tacos in them make sandwiches in them dinner i can't stress this enough--explore the world of ethnic foods. ask anyone who comes to my house for dinner, no one eats better than us. and no one would think it was gluten free if you didn't tell them. check out thai, indian, mexican, caribbean, latin american, chinese, and mediterranean cookbooks from your library. there are lots of adaptable recipes in these cultures, and lots that you can just make as is. the trick to gluten free eating, is to look at it like an experiment. you may have to twiddle with a recipe, substitute one thing for another, but eventually you will hit on the right thing, and you may even like it better than the original. here's my normal day: smoothie for breakfast fruit and nuts for lunch or a salad apple for a snack and then salad with some yummy dish for dinner here's what i've had this last week -black bean and corn soup with cilantro -thai green curry with tofu -chicken soup with asian veggies, ginger, garlic, and cilantro-served over rice noodles -chicken marinated in a sauce of agave nectar, oj, lemon juice, dill, salt, apple cider vinegar with garlic mashed potatoes and salad -gluten free sausage and onion pasta sauce (this one is easy-saute onion and sausages and dump a tomato sauce you like over it, add basil and a dash of cayenne-serve) -tabouleh made with quinoa and olives, goat cheese, and mochi -shrimp stir fried in a sauce of oj, curry powder, garlic, onions, cilantro, and a tsp sugar served with salad there you go, my novel on gluten free cooking. hope this helps. feel free to pm me if you like
  14. beelzebubble

    gluten-free Dining In Ashland Or?

    i'm wondering the same thing. i'm going on a trip to ashland this week and i would like to know if there are any restaurants in the ashland area with a gluten free menu? anyone?
  15. beelzebubble

    Disappearing Topics?

    does anyone have any idea why it was deleted? i'm not asking for names, just reasons, unless it was me. was it me? i can't think that what i wrote would have been incendiary in any way but i'm pretty sure i was one of the last to post. nothing really sticks out in my mind as obviously the culprit. anyway, no, there was nothing in particular that i was interested in, just the thread as a whole. i thought the idea was very interesting and i was really getting into the discussion about it.