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  1. Hi, I am currently investigating the possibility that various psychological symptoms I have are connected to gluten intolerance. I would be interested to hear how long it took other people with Celiac or undiagnosed gluten intolerance to feel better from anxiety, phobias, pani attacks and depression? Many Thanks T
  2. Hi, and thanks for the info. The over the counter test I took was the Biocard Test which is available in paharmacies like Boots here in the uk: It is supposed to be very accurate, returning false negatives only 2 % of the time, although I can't quite remember where I heard that statisitic! So, looks like I ned to try 2 months with not even a gram of gluten!
  3. Hi, It is my first post here and I hope I am not covering too much old ground...I've had a search and can't find the answer to my question... I recently took a celiac test (one of the do-it-yourself ones you can buy in a pharmacy) which showed that I didn't have celiac. The thing is though, I have many of the symptoms and am fairly convinced I react badly to wheat and other gluten containing products... Therefore I am going to try and eliminate those foods and see if it makes a difference. But first I have a few questions: 1. How long should I eliminate the foods for? Assuming that I do have some kind of gluten intolerance how long will it be before i notice a difference? One of my main presenting symptoms anxiety/breathlessness after gluten meals and low mood/depression. 2. Do I need to cut out all gluten, including oats? or is a radical reduction enough at this experimental stage. Many Thanks in advance for your help, this forum is great and with so much good advice from friendly people! T