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  1. Dratt! I accidently glutened myself on tuesday and ive been payiong the price for the last 2 days......my tummy sounds like a cauldren.....ouch.My family need gass masks
  2. Yeah on the occasion when i accidently ate gluten i had a blazing hot face and body.I am always hot but then again i do have a faulty body thermostat due to hypothyroidism you should have a test with your GP
  3. I am actually amazed at the ammount of people who say to me ''oh i cant tolerate bread either'' it just goes to show how many people are affected even in a slight way by gluten
  4. Thanks Rudi,i have to admit i share your wife's fear of gluten containing foods.I cant bear the smell of bread and the smell of cooking pasta either,maybe its a defence mechanism to keep me safe.Nothing tastes as good as i feel since ive stopped eating gluten (6 weeks ago) so i dont feel like i am missing out on anything.I do find it comforting though that if go out to eat and accidently get glutened, the worst i will suffer is a couple of days of gasto probs but its not actually a danger to my long term health like coeliac Desease sufferers.I agree also that the diet is more healthy than a gluten one as it limits processed food and i am a big believer that they cause cancer.Hope your wife continues to feel better too.x
  5. After nagative endomysil blood tests and negative gastroscopy results the doctor has diagnosed me as gluten intolerant.She advised me that like ceoliac patients i should avoid gluten like the plague.She admited that test results are not always accurate and said that if i wanted to repeat the test i would have to reintroduce gluten into my diet for the next 6 months.There is no way! i would rather boil my own head than eat gluten ever again.So betwean us we decided that if i was going to go gluten free there was no need for further testing as the treatment would just involve what i am already doing anyway.I think i may just accept this and get on with my gluten free life,i cant be bothered persuing a label for my condition,i am just happy i am rid of those horrid symptoms.The reason for this post is to ask all of you more clued up folks if you think i made the right decision?? please respond,i feel your input will calm my thoughs
  6. Ive done 3 one positive and 2 negative.....i'm equally as baffled.my endomyosil test was negative.Im still waiting for my Gatroscopy results but gluten free is having a massive impact on me,i feel a tonne better in just 10 days.
  7. Thanks for the Link Fluffy it sums my rash up to a ''T'',i'm just going to continue with my gluten-free lifestyle regardless of a DX,i feel fab!
  8. Hmm,i feel too well to risk making myself ill again....i dont know what to do I dont know if i really do need a dignosis,i'm convinced i have DH so thats prob good enough and besides that,if i dont eat anymore gluten it wont be a problem in the future.I have noticed however that i seem to get upset and a washing-machine type tummy now when i have milk or milk products (cottage cheese) i will just persist with this cause many of you say its temparey until you heal a bit.I cant believe that when i go to the loo im starting to have sem-normal stools without ''that'' familiar smell i'd gotten so used to.The thing thats also putting me off getting tested is that by the time i have a flare up,show my GP and wait for an appt with a skin specialist the rash will have cleared again.Sometines it lasts a month sometimes a week and sometimes it may clear completely for a month....tricky right?
  9. I have vast improvement in my symptoms already,the stomach pain has eased and the bloating is starting to go down.I have'nt got the results of my gut biopsy back yet but i was feeling so poorly that i thought i'd go gluten free for 7 days to see if i felt any better and i'm glad i did.There is just one thing thats bothering me though,i think ive had DH since my mid-teens (i'm 39 now) and if i stop eating gluten would i get a false negative on my skin test the same as for the gut test??? Input would be greatly apreciated,thanks
  10. Hi i am Hyopthyroid,i have been on levothyroxine for 6 years....sadly for me it looks like i have been a silent ceoliac since my teens (am 39 now)the road to recovery is generally slow for thyroid patients.I suffered all mannor of symptoms beore diagnosis of thyroid and i'm sure if my ceoliac was diagnosed all those years ago i wouldnt have sufferd at all.I did suffer hair loss and weight gain absence of periods,severe constipation extreme fatigue and muscle cramps/aches.The connective tissues in some of my joints became detatched and caused hurrendous pain.I cried with relif when i was diagnosed because i was starting to think i was loosing the plot...i wasnt! There is a definate link with thyroid and ceoliac as they are both auto-immune conditions and if you have one you should be automaticaly tested for the other...good luck.x
  11. I get it.....on hands,feet,back of neck,elbows and knees i also get acne rosacea on my face which is not the best look for getting the fellas attention.....lol(good job i already have one eh?)It has a stinging ''nettle rash'' kind of feeling and comes up as water filled blisters which then burst and scab over...immensly itchy too.I will seek a skin specialist second opinion when i see my gastro results because there is treatment avail to run alongside a gluten free diet. I have had this rash since my early teens and it was diagnosed as contact dermatitis when a lazy skin specialist found out i was a hairdresser and put 2 and 2 together coming up with '6'.I feel angry because now,at age 39 i also have Hypothyroidism and i'm convinced that if i was diaganosed years ago that wouldnt have come about.I dont have a firm diagnosis yet as i am wating for results of my Gasroscopy but i am convinced i am ceoliac because of the way gluten makes me feel......grrrr!
  12. I cant digest mushrooms,they make an apearance again if you get what i mean(in my stool)
  13. I felt a kind of tugging sensation and it felt tender immdiatley they took it,i think i must have had very little saliva that day cause the whole procedure seemed to be dry and tuggy in my pipes (for want of a better description ) the area of the biopsies felt a little tender for days after.I am still uncomfortabe today actually and its four days ago now,i can still feel the area in my throat that was made sore.
  14. I had my Endoscopy yesterday,i have a sore throat today but i also have a dicky tummy.Yesterday i felt like i'd been booted in the belly by a horse it was really sore and bloated.I felt them taking the biopsy it was a strange sensation they took 5 in total..no wonder it feels sore.The doc said that i may have a sore throat for couple of days.its going to be a long wait for the results...i have gone gluten freee regardless of what they say (results)