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  1. Can anyone suggest a celiac-understanding primary care physician in the Phoenix area? I would especially be interested in one who is very informed about all the other problems associated with the disease, or which celiac can cause or irritate.... Thank you!
  2. I have only tried the Bob's Red Mill Oats as you did, and I wasn't impressed, to tell you the truth. Although I can't say that I noticed any adverse reactions, I will say that I did not like the taste of the oats. Admittedly, I haven't had oats since my diagnosis, which was over ten years ago, but I don't remember oats tasting like Bob's Oats. They had a funny taste that I cannot put my finger on........the best way I can describe it, is that they taste very "earthy" at not much like oats. I might have simply gotten a bad batch, but the taste alone, made me think that I'm not THAT desperate to have oatmeal in the morning!
  3. Hi all, I have a question...I'm really into using organic and natural cleaners, such as Mrs. Meyers for cleaning, because I have reactions to other cleaners with chemicals. Anyways, I've seen multiple books and shows about using simple and cheap ingredients for household cleaners, such as different mixtures of baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, etc..... But, is it ok for a celiac to clean with white vinegar????.....I was of the understanding we were to avoid it in our condiments because of the way it might have been distilled. Can I clean with distilled white vinegar? Are there any brands I could use rather than others? Thanks!
  4. hasail

    Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

    I'm so glad that there's a topic about this. When I was reading the notes in this thread, I felt I could have written them myself. When I have wheat/gluten, I have a very short temper. What's worse, I'm a schoolteacher! I have a very rough time keeping my temper with the kids when I've ingested some gluten. And you're right; this doesn't happen right away, but rather, a few days after I've had some gluten. Also, I have the same kind of joint pain....almost like I'm an arthritic old person...it affects some of my joints, but not others. I especially notice it in my elbow joints, and the arches of my feet. And I have experiences the brain fog as well. That's a lot of fun when I'm trying to be articulate in a phone call. I start spacing out, I can't think of the right things to say, which is the opposite of how I usually am! And, I have anxiety, only when I have gluten. THEN, there are people out there who say that food cannot produce those kinds of reactions with the brain! I beg to differ! I have found out that since I've started exercising (I'm not a workout buff, just do the elliptical everyday) I can rid myself of the symptoms a little quicker. But, it's amazing what foods can do to you!
  5. hasail

    Hi From Az

    Hi, I live here in Phoenix. I do shop at Whole Foods a lot. There's a new one down the 101 in Chandler, that has a pretty good stock of gluten-free things. However, no one place, it seems, has everything. I also go to Trader Joe's, and Sprouts. It's hard because Whole Foods can get expensive! And, my favorite restaurant is Picazzo's Pizza. I love it there!
  6. Thanks for the info. I will now be happily eating my burgers!
  7. Guess what? Since my last post I went food shopping, and went to look at the Kix boxes. Interestingly, they had both versions of the Kix recipe there....so I can officially tell you the difference: The old Kix will list as its second ingredient "whole grain oat" The new Kix will list as its second ingredient "whole grain corn" The old Kix will list "corn syrup" The new Kix will list "brown sugar syrup" I am happily sitting here, writing this, eating a bowl of Kix for the first time in 12 years. Ahh....the good life!
  8. Oh my goodness, you are kidding! I used to love Kix, and of course, had to give up all kinds of cereals. Wow. So, you're saying that as long as the ingredients do not list wheat or oats, it's the new formula? Great! Thank you for sharing this!
  9. hasail

    Cleaning Products

    I use the Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products, specifically: the window cleaner, bathroom scrub, countertop cleaner, general floor cleaner, and laundry detergent. I have used them for quite a while now, and haven't ever had a problem. For bar soap, I use Tom's of Maine and have for years. Not all cleaning products are gluten free, and even if they are....you can find irritation because your immune system is somewhat compromised. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi everyone, This is my first post in this forum. I have been celiac for a very long time, but have come up against a new question: I have some burgers in the freezers that are beef from Trader Joe's. It says on the box that the patties are from beef that was "grain fed". I started thinking about that......is grain-fed gluten free? Trader Joe's is stating that it is, but I am curious...... Do any of you know exactly which grains are fed to cows? Does it mean corn? Or, is it something we should avoid? Thanks to all!