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  1. Most hard liquor is OK even though alot have wheat in it because when it goes through distillation, the Gluten particles are too big to pass through based on what I've read and personally experienced also. I love Bourbon and never had a reaction from it. Some of the cream based liquors may or may not be OK. Beer is obviously the biggest no-no sans the ones specifically labeled or made gluten-free.

    I believe amaretto is OK but I can't recall off top of head. I know the Sour is OK since whiskey sours are one of my favorites I can have on a whim if I'm out with friends.

  2. I found Beef Fried Rice Hamburger Helper labeled Gluten Free tonight. Chicken fried rice and cheesy hashbrowns I haven't seen yet with the new label. Forgot to check to see if gluten-free Bisquick was out yet. Hopefully at some point they will introduce a rice pasta or corn pasta version of the more "tradition" kind to see how reaction is instead of just the more obvious ones being reformulated.

  3. EVERETT, Wash. -- When it comes to candy, Washington will soon be a state of the taxed and taxed-nots.

    Come June 1, the state will begin adding sales tax onto the price of gum and most but not all candy products.

    If you've got a sweet tooth, you need a spreadsheet to figure out whether your favorite goodie is about to get more expensive.

    For example, Three Musketeers will be taxed but Milky Way will not.

    Starburst, Gummi Bears and M&Ms? Yes. Nestle's Crunch and Twizzlers? No.

    How will you and retailers know which is which?

    The state Department of Revenue has posted a list online of nearly 3,000 items that will be subject to tax ranging from coffee flavored hard candies to Wrigley's Winterfresh chewing gum. You'll find another 263 items that are not.

    What's the difference? Basically, flour. If the candy you like is prepared with flour it will not be subject to sales tax.

    Candy subject to the tax can be made with "sugar, honey, or other natural or artificial sweeteners combined with chocolate, fruits, nuts, or other ingredients or flavorings and formed into bars, drops, or pieces," according to information from the Department of Revenue.

    Any product that lists flour as an ingredient on the nutritional facts label is not taxable as candy, the agency points out. Flour is "made from grain such as wheat, rice, corn, rye, oats, and barley."

    Why is the state taxing candy? With a $2.8 billion deficit, lawmakers decided to fill part of the hole and preserve funding for some public health, education and human service programs by raising taxes.

    Majority Democrats approved a package of increases to bring in $800 million. The first of the increases, including a higher tax on cigarettes, took effect May 1.

    Applying sales tax to candy and gum will generate about $30 million in new revenues for this budget. Candy makers in Washington can receive a tax credit of $1,000 for each worker retained for a calendar year to help offset a potential decline in sales as a result.

    This isn't the end of higher taxes on consumer products.

    Also starting June 1, sales tax will be applied to bottled water and the tax on barrels of mass-marketed beer will rise which could push the price of six-packs higher. On July 1, a tax on soda pop will kick in.


    I'm disgusted by this honestly. If all candy companies have to do is add a little flour to the mix and then it's exempt from sales tax, you know they will it it all across the country to save money instead of just Washington state only. I just hope this doesn't start a horrible trend for all Celiac's who grow used to knowing what candy is safe.

  4. Per a phone conversation to General Mills 12/4/09:

    Due to their new gluten-free labeling, they can not label the Creamy Mushroom soup as gluten-free. General Mills has not verified all the ingredients from their suppliers for this particular product. The rep did state that General Mills does not add any gluten to this product.

    The phone rep did not know if they planned on verifying the ingredients. She said they have not been given that info.

    So - this is a change in labeling only. The ingredients in the product have not changed. If you felt safe using it before, you can make your own choice as to whether or not you still choose to use it.

    I just purchased the Creamy Mushroom yesterday and just ate it, and the label still says gluten-free. Maybe they are slowly phasing out the labeling for that? I hope not...

  5. It helps that his son is Austic and Gluten free, he really understands the need to keep my work area clean. People walk around the office eating gluten stuff all the time and he tells them to keeep it away from my area.

    I wish my Boss was somewhat like yours. He's still yet to fully grasp my situation when he offers to bring in food for us on occasion. He's getting better about it, but considering the last Saturday I worked, he asked what I could have, and off top of head fast food wise, I wasn't sure. He said "What about Pancakes?". I just gave him this dumbfounded look and gave a sarcastic response (in a funny way) about what Pancakes are made from. But as said, he's learning but I just bring my own food every day so I don't have to bother him/others.

  6. I haven't checked any other Hy-Vee's yet to see if they have dedicated an entire aisle. It's not a long/large aisle, but it is in their 'Health Market' section. The 2 I visit the most (Altoona and one off I-35 and Mills Civic Parkway http://www.hy-vee.com/stores/detail.aspx?s=236 ), the one in WDM is the first I have seen putting an entire aisle to gluten-free items. Granted, prices are more expensive compared to others (not helped by the seemingly 20 cent "tax" by them because it is in West Des Moines afterall...) but for the occasional usage it's awesome.

    I think if I recall also they have a small freezer area in the Health Market section dedicated to gluten-free now also instead of just scattered about in the section like most stores. The biggest surprise was seeing non-frozen bread now since I have yet myself seen non-frozen bread to purchase. So for anyone in the DSM area (or other cities), may want to check out that Hy-Vee (or another one closer) to see if they have dedicated a (small) aisle to gluten-free items.

  7. Their kidney beans now carry the same warning. After making chili hubby had that same feeling just not right but not full blow gluten attack either. More of my money will be going to Hy-Vee now.

    This is why I mainly stick to Hy-Vee. Better atmosphere, employees (most of the time), and a decent list of gluten-free items. Granted, I pay more each trip but the cost is worth it.

  8. It's nice to know that our old posts never die. They just hibernate for a few years before being re-awakened, so to speak.

    I bought a box of Honey Kix last week. No gluten ingredients. To me, it tasted like slightly sweet cardboard. :o

    I find Trix to be much more tasty. Not as good as Fruit Loops of course, but then what is.

    best regards, lm

    I too preferred the old taste of Kix even though that version is a no-no now...at least Trix has a better taste but seeing it without the fruit shapes still weirds me. But I can have it so I can't complain :lol:

  9. Wow, that's an awesome experience! I've yet to find someone that indepth on things but since its your university cafeteria, you'll be seeing them more often so its a good chance of repeat experiences. Maybe give some feedback to a higher up via whatever means are available, since he went above and beyond.

  10. WOW - that is absolutely unreal. Is that even legal? I'm not too clear on the laws regarding labeling. If it is legal, then that is just moronic, IMO.

    What kind of products at Walmart say that?

    I think the FDA is still in the debating (or finished it) on their guidelines for labeling a product 'Gluten Free' or some variant of it. So for now, its "legal" even though it seems improper to label something 'Naturally Gluten Free' and then mention possible CC in the ingredients labeling.

  11. I don't go to Bars much but last weekend when a friend has his bachelor party, one out of 4 bars we hit had Redbridge which at first shocked me a bit they carried it. Couldn't have it though (DD) and didn't want ot anyways since I love Bards much more but will tolerate it if I wasn't the DD. Do they carry any Hard Cider's? Might be your best bet depending on location.

    I'd call ahead and see if they do carry anything you could drink and if not, ask if its possible.

  12. I suffer a variation of the "Celiac Belly" if I ingest Gluten. Pre-diagnosis it would distend pretty severely in one area above belly button and become literally as hard as a rock (I dubbed it 'Brick Phase') and get constant pain with occasional shooting pain. Post-diagnosis, if I have accidental ingestion it will just "brick" itself with distention. My only problem was that the distending stayed somewhat often even though I wasn't getting any CC, but without the brick hard feeling.

    I went to my doc about it, and come to find out I had a hernia that may have been related to this. Surgeon wouldn't say it because he never saw it "brick" itself and becuase I had previous abdominal surgery (twisted intestine in 2005) he deemed it an incisional hernia. Then came to find out I had 4 hernias :o 1 big, 3 small. Now post-surgery, I had a "massive" gluten ingestion last Friday and its been distended relatively bad and bricked so I'm hoping its not interfering with the mesh/recovery but I'll know more with followup in a few days.

    I'd recommend if you haven't already and have similar symptoms to what I have, is to get checked for a hernia since the intestine may be pushing against the abdominal wall and thus weakening it over time.

  13. Yuck. I'm sorry. :(

    I had a brain-dead moment and glutened myself for a whole week on supplements I forgot to read the label on. I was on vacation at the time and I assumed the symptoms I was having was due to CC or something from a restaurant or the kitchen utensils in the cabin or whatnot. It had been a long time since I'd had symptoms that bad, though. I realized my mistake 10 days ago and I'm still suffering. So don't take this as condescending when I remind you to "ALWAYS" read the label, and "when in doubt, leave it out." I clearly need someone to remind ME once in a while.

    That "brick" sensation you're talking about is familiar. I started noticing it when I began to cut down on gluten but before I made the commitment to go gluten-free. I'd intended to see a doctor before going gluten-free, but that feeling like there was a fist-sized rock in my stomach made it impossible to eat gluten any more once I found out what was causing it.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    The funny thing, is that I always read the label and if doubted, I just not have it. Especially in person if food is already prepared and I'm just not sure I'll skip it. But one of those lapse of judgments because it was first time I'd been with them in a few months or so and just assumed it was just cheese. I don't think you came across as condescending since those words were already ingrained once I read this site and other sites.

    Were you able to actually feel the rock with your hands if you pushed on your abdomen? The pictures I have of mine shows that it is extremely prevalent (when laying on one side it shows itself best). Thanks for the concerns so far. Just needed to slightly vent at my stupidity <_<

  14. Went to a midnight showing of The Final Destination Thurs Night/Fri morning. Get popcorn and saw some Nacho Cheddar/White Cheddar seasoning on the side. I being stupid didn't thoroughly check the bottles of them but don't recall seeing an ingredient list. Since it was a rare night out for me (in town visiting friends/family after incisional hernia repair), I passed it off since I assumed it would just be cheddar.

    Movie ends, and I felt my abdomen and noticed it starting to "brick" itself as I've deemed it. I then realize it had to have been the seasoning. I get home, immediately fire an email to the theater company's website and come to find out the White Cheddar has Gluten in it while the Nacho Cheddar didn't. WTF?! Was the first thought in my head. Unless white cheddar always has Gluten in it and just never knew that (for seasoning purposes).

    4 days later, it's still as hard as a brick but thank god no pain (Percocet may be keeping it under control). Oddly enough its majorly distended (when laying a certain way on my side) right where my hernia was that was fixed. So now I'm almost certain the Celiac caused the hernia which I'll be bringing up at surgeon followup along with pictures I took of it. I'm just getting overwhelmed a bit because I ingested so much gluten (most since diagnosis) and it seems to just not be letting up at all. Not helping my recovery from the hernia surgery either.

    Usually if I have some minor CC it will last 2-12 hours and then go back to "normal". I just hope it passes soon :( Granted, I'm lucky this is really my only symptom (some minor D 2nd day in but nothing to concern me) but rather not deal with it as long as I have been.