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  1. Yes, you can be angry and disappointed and grieve the loss of your trust - and your good foods. Shame on them. They're clueless. It makes me love, love brands that I know are safe. There's a store not far from me that sells only things that...
  2. stillclueless


    Brain fog? Exhaustion? I'm managing - I've not missed a day of work and am quite competent at what I do. It makes me wonder what I could have accomplished without celiac disease. It's hard not to be angry about it...
  3. Apparently this list started four years ago and I just found it tonight. It's fabulous. Thanks to everyone for validating my choices. It really, really helps to know I'm not alone. May God bless.
  4. stillclueless

    Soy Joy

    I bought packages of Soy Joy on sale at a local Target (Utah) a couple of months ago. They're great!
  5. stillclueless

    The Ups And Downs Of Recovery

    My experience was/is similar. Some days are better than others and for about the first year I could handle no dairy whatsoever, then could do some yogurt every few days, now can have a yogurt, a bit of milk on lovely gluten-free Chex (!...
  6. stillclueless

    Recovery Timeline

    I appreciate the time line from a "mature" female. I, too, was in my early 50's. I had 35 radiation treatments through my intestines 4 weeks after a hysterectomy which unexpectedly revealed a tumor. So although the surgery saved my life...
  7. How long to get rid of toxins? I have no idea. What to try eating first? I'd guess some gentle, plain, white rice. Maybe cook it with "too much" water and add a few vegetables to make it a rice soup. That might settle a tummy. Maybe saute...
  8. stillclueless

    How Careful Are You?

    Hi. I was diagnosed three years ago and did the "best I could" then was blessed with a coworker who was more skilled than I. No wonder I hadn't seen significant improvement! She taught me that yes, cross-contamination is significant. I have...
  9. I seem to be quite sensitive and am happy to say I have had no reaction so far - I've been eating it for breakfast every day for a week - Honeynut, Strawberry and/or Chocolate. Didn't know there was a cinnamon. I can usually tell within...
  10. I would also greatly trust Kinnikinniknnikninknkkiin whatever - I love, love their products and have never had a problem and I seem to be very sensitive. I cannot, however, eat Van's gluten-free waffles. I have tried several times over the...
  11. It might be old news for some, but I just found out last week. The chocolate chex are my favorite and it is fabulous to be able to find something yes, in a mainstream store, and at an affordable price. So very nice to be acknowledged and...
  12. stillclueless

    Here Is My Story!

    I, too, am brand new to this site and find it incredibly supportive to know I'm not the only one who has gone through these things. I had had radiation through my intestines for a gynecological cancer and was not recovering as I should have...
  13. stillclueless

    What Happenes When You Are "glutened"?

    I can't imagine biting, chewing and swallowing something actually made with gluten - my difficulties come from the unpredictable, sneaky, devilish cross-contamination. It bites. For me, my intestines become sensitive within a few hours and...
  14. stillclueless

    Necessary To Replace Pots & Pans & Utensils?

    You don't sound contrarian to me. We've pretty much divided pans and kept it that way. In an "emergency" I'll wash the cake pans really, really well and protect with parchment paper. I absolutely have my own gluten-free toaster which is...