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  1. Nancy Kotlowski

    How Can I Start A Support Group?

    I have a spouse with Celiac and it is hard to keep things straight. I would like to start a support group. Does anyone...
  2. Well, It has been 11 months since my hubby's diagnosis and what a ride.  At first the doctor scared him straight...
  3. Nancy Kotlowski

    YIKES A New Year Already!

    Wow,  I cannot believe that it is time to move onto 2010.  Where the heck did 2009 go?  What a year.&nbsp...
  4. Nancy Kotlowski

    Marching on Gluten-Free!

    Good Morning Everyone,It has been sometime since I have checked in and for that I apologize.   The gluten-free...
  5. Nancy Kotlowski

    Yoplait Yogurt Whips

    To update this information with what I just learned. I spoke to a woman at the 800-967-5248 which is the number listed...
  6. Last weekend all 5 of us went to Hershey Park. What an experience to have with a celiac! We did search the official website...
  7. Good Morning All!  Well as good as it can be considering it is Monday.  I have to tell you all how important...
  8. Good Morning all,  Sorry I have not written in a few days.  We have be busy like all of you.  Friday night...
  9. Nancy Kotlowski


    Thank you all for you great advise. I cannot imagine having to give up stuff like people on a gluten-free diet. Kudos...
  10. As soon as the diagnosis of celiac disease came, the doctor told us he would refer us to a really good dietitian.&nbsp...
  11. Nancy Kotlowski


    I have a real quick question. Do any of you or did any of you suffer from issues with fatigue? My husband has Celiac...
  12. First thing this morning I read a post on the gluten-free forum regarding a husband who has celiac disease, while his...
  13. Wow, reading your post makes me feel as though I wrote it. My husband too was diagnosed a month ago and I am the one...
  14. I think these are due out this month. I keep checking my food stores and nothing yet. I will let you all know how they...
  15. Nancy Kotlowski

    Bread Crumbs?

    What great ideas everyone has added. Thanks for asking the question!!!! I use bread crumbs in alot of things and was...