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  1. My blood test results are IgA 467 range is 82-453 TTG Ab IgA 6 range is 0-19 units I see where my ttg is negative...
  2. kimy

    Need A Better Doctor In Memphis Tn

    I just moved from Memphis and if you are willing to go to Collierville there is a nurse practioner that is great named...
  3. I don't have experience, but I am in the Rockford area and was going to ask where you are at?
  4. Thank you very much for the replies. I know that I have to take the vitamin D for one week everyday and then one once...
  5. I have lots of quesitons about Celiac Disease and was hoping that you more experienced people would be able to help me...
  6. I have a lot of questions about celiac disease. I am hoping that someone can help me. For years I have been dealing...
  7. Hello all, I am new here and I possibly think I might have celiac. I am being tested at the doctor tomorrow, but I have...
  8. Hello, I am new to this board and I have lots of questions. My son is 15 months old and he was the perfect baby. Around...