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  1. blancasagro

    Horrible Relapse After More Than 3 Years

    I went to the general dr. and she order me the regular test: CBC with Sed Rate, CMP, THS... because she insists it is something else, like the thyroid or colitis. I had all the tests until I got an appointment with my gastroenterologist. As soon as he entered the office he told me "you are in pain" because the look in my face and he noticed my weight loss. Mostly I have been eating fruits and veggies, I simply swallow the food against my will because I have no appetite at all, and as soon as i start eating I feel weird bowel movement. Some times I need to leave the food without finishing to go straight to the bathroom. I saw my gastroenterologist like a month ago because of some reflux and stomach pain,we both thought it was gastritis, but because of the weight loss we now think that I had some hidden gluten. I don't eat meat, but I ate salmon two days this week, and mostly raw veggies and fruits.. some home made mashed potatoes too. I usually don't eat at restaurants and I know it was my mistake to believe in the gluten-free menus This have been the worst two weeks of my life, I just will like to know when I'm going to get better
  2. Im looking for some advise here. I was diagnose with celiac in 2009. Before I was diagnose I lost 20 pounds just in one month, Thank Good my gastroenterologist test me for gluten and it took just one month to get the right diagnosis to start my gluten free diet. It took like a year and a half to feel normal, even after I started gluten free I had: horrible pain in my stomach diarrhea insomnia nightmares sore joints nausea migraines panic attacks extreme fatigue... My symptoms began to get better until most of them disappeared, maybe I had some nausea once in a while or some light stomach pain. My problem is that maybe i got too confident on the variety of gluten free menus in the restaurants and started eating out like once in a week, gluten free pizza, or gluten free pasta and the diarrhea started again. Now I feel horrible, my stomach pain is stronger than before. The worst part is the extreme fatigue,I've been late for work almost daily for two weeks and I lost 9 pounds. I have no appetite, I'm having maybe two light lunches a day and minutes after I eat I need to go to the bathroom. is frustrating feeling so bad after more than 3 years gluten free. I thought I had won the battle against gluten, immediately I notice i got glutened I started eating just fruits, veggies and apple juice. No milk, no meats, no fried foods, no tomato sauce, no processed foods...but I still feel horrible. I had one ct scan, lots of labs and everything seems normal. Im'having an endoscopy on Monday. I have been feeling like this for two weeks and I feel like I can't take it anymore. I have horrible panic atacks and stupid arguments with my boyfriend beacuse of my mood swings. If someone knows a way to get better please tell me, this is the first time in all this years that I feel hopeless.
  3. blancasagro

    Fatigue, Hunger And Blurry Vision

    I get blurry vision all the time, and some very bright vision too, MRI EKG everything ok, my neurologist insist that I'm ok but I'm looking for second opinion. Things are getting better since I quit other foods like dairy, artificial colors and flavors, processed meats. I had b12, magnesium, iron all check up, but believe me if I eat one M&M i will get totally crazy so I think is mostly the artificial colors
  4. blancasagro

    So Many Probs Since Being Diagnosed

    Since I was diagnose I had many many problems, now I go to five different doctors, but everything is getting better, slowly but better. I haven't been diagnose with any other condition but I have been referred to neurologist for seizures, to the best GI here for microscopic colitis, to psychologist and psychiatrist for panic attacks...I would say the first 4 months were horrible I only weight 96 pounds. I quited gluten, lactose, all artificial colors and flavors,all processed meats, all tomato products, acid juices (orange and pineapple) I ate fruits, veggies and chicken breast for weeks, then I started to feel better. Right now I have some chocolate once in a while, and some orange juice, but I recommend to be very strict while the body heals. Last time I end up in the hospital I ate 100% gluten free products but my body wasn't prepare for gluten free canned meat, I never eat hot dogs or ketchup, for me is worst than gluten. I had that advice from a coworker, she was diagnose when she was 19 years and now she is more than 4o, so is very good advice. I just eat fresh veggies and fruits, fruits like bananas, prunes, apples... oranges just once in a while. I just eat fresh meats, with no season just with salt and fresh spices. And be patient, I was hospitalized for the panic attacks, because I had serious sicknesses, memory losses, sleeping problems, mental fog... but 8 months later I can say everything is almost gone be patient and strict with the diet and you will see results
  5. blancasagro

    Hello From Maine!

    I have been gluten free for like 8 months, and is weird sometimes, but friends tell me that I look prettier than before. This is the good part about this, you feel and look better, the bad part for me is the mental fog, but not everyone has it and I think I learned to live with it. I don't miss a thing (just cheese, and ice cream a bit, cause I'm lactose free too) but I don't miss any gluten at all. I feel very happy about you, and believe me, you will find very good advice here
  6. blancasagro

    Does The Craziness Go Away?

    It took me like a month to be normal again, you need to be very strict and you will see results. When I visited the psychologist she helped me very much. Just two days ago I ate something wrong and I'm in the fog again, but at least I know that it will go away, and I learnd that I cant eat that again. I used to take many showers a day with hot water, that worked for me and prayed a lot.
  7. blancasagro

    Anybody Who Loves Jesus? :)

    I totally love Jesus too, I was so nervous when I had my appointment for the endoscopy, but when I entered the room I saw a Cross on the wall and then I tough "wow my GI believes in God" so I calmed down very fast and everything was OK.
  8. blancasagro

    Recovery Timeline

    I wish I could post my timeline, maybe in 5 months. I'm 26, I have always had stomach problems but the thing got bad maybe like a year ago. Had constantly diarrhea for a month lost 14 pounds. Diagnose by blood test, biopsy negative. I've been gluten and lactose free for like three weeks. The diarrhea stop at the fourth day. Still have some anxiety, insomnia, sleepiness and pain. The symptoms are getting better slowly, but I'm feeling the difference. Dr. said that my intestine didn't look so bad, he have seen worst, so theres hope. Got glutened on 4th of July. Favorite treats bananas,tapioca bread, peanuts, fruit juice (all flavors) I will recommend, gluten free should be lactose free too, and the best way to go gluten free is natural gluten free like vegetables, fruits, meats that way you don't have to worry about hidden ingredients. Anxiety is horrible, I control that with yoga, pilates, praying and of course the diet and I'm having less episodes.
  9. blancasagro

    Panic Attacks & Gluten

    Before I was diagnose with celiac I had not panic but anxiety attacks, I don't know if there's a difference between those two. First I start to get dizzy, then the headache, and then I can't be seat, or still I need to be walking or cleaning, thats how I feel when I eat gluten, without mentioning the diarrheas. I do yoga and pilates since like 4 years and that helped me a lot with the anxiety. I believe that's why I have never had a real panic attack cause by the celiac (I have had panic attacks caused by other situations) but that occurred before I started with yoga. I woke up some days and I'm very motivated with gluten free woojoooo, other days I'm like the hell gluten free I want pizza and bread, this life is horrible, but I always start with a prayer (If your're a believer that's the medicine) and breath, do some yoga, just a bit because I'm still recovering and I'm still very exhausted. For me God first and yoga, and all the anxiety is gone in minutes.
  10. I've been just weeks in a gluten free diet, on Fridays at my work they always buy fresh bread and make sandwiches for everybody, and they buy doughnuts. The smell is good, but sometimes I get migraines too and believe me I don't eat a crumb of it. Maybe is a mental reaction, but I understand you
  11. blancasagro

    When I'm Suppose To Feel Better

    I can say that I've been better, is really a slowly recovery, but now I see that every day is getting a bit better. I went today to the nutritionist, and I'm very motivated with her advice. I bet in a couple of weeks I will be OK. The forum has helped me so much, I was lost, but I know I'm in the right direction
  12. blancasagro

    When I'm Suppose To Feel Better

    I had an endoscopy yesterday the doctor didn't say much, just that I needed to go to the nutritionist, and I have an appointment in two weeks for the result of the biopsy The paper said i have non erosive esophagitis and gastrtitis, and I've been taking Prevacid for a while. I'm 26... that's young enough to heal fast? Well I hope so. I had diarrhea constantly for one month, and I feel exhausted. Have an appointment on Monday with the nutritionist I'm just praying to God that she can give me good advice, now I know that I can't eat any gluten but I have my doubts about other foods. I just lost like 12 pounds, that doesn't sound so bad when you hear other stories, now I weigh 98 pounds I just hope to keep there for the moment.
  13. I was diagnosed with Celiac on Monday, I've been 3 days without gluten, today I woke up today not feeling well. Had a lot of pain, cramps. I was feeling much better since today. When should I start to feel ok not perfect but ok