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  1. Ok I did a little searching around and now understand that this apparently isn't a full celiac panel since it only tests for IgA antibodies, for which I'm in the lowish range to begin with. Is there anything at all that can be concluded -- or is at least strongly suggested -- one way or the other based on these results? Also, is it possible for dermatitis herpetiformis to manifest without a rash? I'm desparately searching for the cause of polyneuropathy and widespread rashless itching. So many possibilities, both terrible and benign, have been ruled out already and was really hoping I had an answer with celiac sprue / dermatitis herpetiformis, but it seems that I've struck out yet again. Do you all agree? Thanks for any input at all.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me interpet my recent celiac panel results. I'd normally wait to talk with my doctor, but Ive been having polyneuropathy and dizziness with some minor GI discomfort for a while now and am eager for any information possible. Any feedback at all would be very much appreciated. Here are the results: tTG Ab,IgA MY VALUE: <3 UNITS: U/mL REFERENCE RANGE: NEGATIVE: <5 EQUIVOCAL: 5-8 POSITIVE: >8 IgA MY VALUE: 138 UNITS: mg/dL REFERENCE RANGE: 81 to 463 Gliadin Ab IgA MY VALUE: <3 UNITS: U/mL REFERENCE RANGE: NEGATIVE: <11 EQUIVOCAL: 11-17 POSITIVE: >17 Am I right that these results strongly suggest I do not have celiac disease? Thanks A LOT for any assistance, it is highly appreciated!
  3. Hey there, thanks! I figured I was okay but wanted to be sure. I've got my fingers crossed. You got it right about finding answers, to be honest I hope it's celiac because I've been having weird neuropathy and other symptoms (only minor GI symptoms though) for a while now and am growing weary. Lots of other things like HIV, brain tumor, mercury toxicity, multiple sclerosis, thyroiditis, diabetes, and myeloma have been ruled out already via testing so I would actually be a bit relieved if the itching and tingling turns out to be something that I can control via dietary measures Sushi, rice, eggs, and fish/seafood in general are already some of my favorite things to eat so I'm ready to party if my tests come back positive and of course ready to if they come back negative! Anyhow thanks again!
  4. Hi all, Is a celiac panel blood test still accurate after being gluten free for 2 days? I just got blood drawn today (Monday) for a complete celiac panel, but thought back over what I've been eating for the last 2 days (since Saturday), and realized that most of it has been gluten free. This was completely incidental, and I usually do consume bread, pasta, noodles, and other gluten containing foods on a regular basis. Would the 2 days of gluten free eating impact the results of my celiac panel at all? I suspect not but wanted to double check. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey there, thanks, I've done just that and am awaiting a response... My regular doctor has been very dismissive about the whole thing so I think maybe my first course of action should be to find a new doctor. His basic response is that I'm only 30, look fine, and have normal blood labs and x-rays so it can't be anything serious. My wife is expecting and he thinks everything is because I'm anxious about the upcoming baby, which frankly I'm not. I was excited about the baby until my body went berserk and now I'm depressed every day, I don't feel like I'm part of the world or society in general anymore and my wife is getting worried but I have no idea how to overcome it since I haven't felt normal in so long. And yep I've been taking sublingual B12 supplements (several hundred MCG a day) for months now and things are only getting worse. I picked up some "nerve support formula" supplements with megadoses of the entire B vitamin complex this week and have been trying those just to make sure. Anyhow I don't want to whine too much, but thanks, I appreciate the feedback. It sounds like gluten intolerance is at least something I should explore and try to rule out. I've had EKGs, chest x-rays, brain CT scans, brain and neck MRIs, complete blood panels, an anuscopy and sigmoidoscopy, a nerve conduction test, a HIV test, and various blood protein/sedimentation/autoimmune screens done all with no answers. Before the antibiotics I did frequently have diarrhea (although I've since quit drinking alcohol and coffee), and after taking them I've frequently had constipation, which makes me suspicious. I'll cover at least this base then, thanks for the insight and quick response, it is very much appreciated.
  6. Forgot to add, the itching is without any rash or visible manifestation on the skin.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and just posted my first thread here (http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/index.php?showtopic=59230&pid=541419&start=0&#entry541419). I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease yet, but am looking for a doctor to at least screen me. In the meantime, I was wondering a few things. I know that diarrhea is one of the classic symptoms of celiac disease. But is it possible to be gluten intolerant WITHOUT consistent diarrhea? My general symptoms consist of constant dizziness (although this one may be due to my deviated septum and chronic sinusitis), burning/prickly/tingling sensations in my extremities, and widespread itching, with some recent weight loss. While I do get some chest pains and abdominal discomfort at times (around the area of the colon), bowel movements alternate between constipation and diarrhea, but neither one happens consistently. I've had all manner of medical tests done and so far the only thing that's out of wack is I was low in serological vitamin D and B12 months ago (oral supplements of both haven't done anything for my symptoms so far). My doctor is convinced it's all due to anxiety, which is frankly utter BS in my opinion, so now I'm seeking specialists on my own (I'm on a PPO health insurance plan). Just wondering if what I've described sounds enough like possible celiac disease to make visiting a GI specialist worthwhile (been racking up hefty medical bills lately and trying to keep it in check). Thanks a lot for your input.
  8. Hi all, SHORT VERSION: I live in San Jose and am currently looking for a doctor to screen me for celiac disease. Can any of you folks recommend one that you've had a good experience with? I see a few listed in the doctor directory on this site but am unsure of what kinds of positive/negative experiences people have actually had with them. Please feel free to PM me or post here, I will drive anywhere in the Bay Area as needed. LOOOOONG VERSION: The extended version of my request is as follows. I'm a 30 year old male who has had all kinds of strange symptoms over the last few months. It started with some chest pains and tender calves in both legs, at that time a EKG did not turn up any abnormalities. Then I started seeing streaks of blood in my spit, and had a CT scan which detected sinusitis and a badly deviated septum. My doctor said the bloody spit was from postnasal drip irritating my throat. I took antibiotics (Avelox, Augmentin, and Biaxin XL) for a month, and the bloody spit stopped, but the sinusitis only partially cleared up. After that, I started having painful bowel movements and bloody stools. I had an anoscopy which found an anal fissure and hemerrhoids, and the doctor told me I was constipated (first time for this for me) and suggested I take docusate sodium stool softeners. That seemed to help the bloody stools some, and the painful bowel movements have subsided. Following that, I started feeling dizzy all the time and developed strange sensations in my feet/legs and hands/arms. The sensations alternate between burning/tingling and itching (without rash). My doctor tested me for vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels, and I was deficient in D and in the low range for B12, so I've been taking oral supplements of both for a while, to no noticeable effect. The neuropathic burning feelings have slowly become more frequent and widespread over the last month. I also saw a neurologist and had a brain and cervical spine MRI, neither of which revealed anything unusual (outside of some neck vertebrae degeneration which is more than expected for my age) that could explain the symptoms. I was tested for heavy metal toxicology and that came up with nothing. CLIFF'S NOTES: Today I'm still having the neuropathy (very bothersome) and have noticed some weight loss (I weighed about 140 pounds before everything started and lost about 8 pounds in the last few weeks). Bowel movements alternate between constipation and diarrhea, there isn't much middle ground. My doctor thinks I'm nuts and is chalking it all up to anxiety. He won't consider the possibility that it could be something else at all. I only recall the neuropathy starting after the month-long course of antibiotics and can't help but wonder if there's a GI tie in -- perhaps the antibiotics did something to my GI tract that led to malabsorption of nutrients and also vitamin supplements? Anyway I'm clutching at straws here and want to at least explore the possibility of the root problem being gluten intolerance. So any help in recommending a doctor who will at least screen me without thinking I'm insane would be much appreciated!