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  1. seeking_wholeness


    Does anyone have a problem with Tylenol? I ask because I am having a major itch fit on my thighs today, the likes of which I have not experienced since I was still eating wheat. I also woke up with more new acne this morning. The only...
  2. seeking_wholeness

    Citric Acid

    I think outside the US citric acid is often derived from wheat (since corn is pretty much an American crop), so if the food was imported there might be a problem. I keep having problems with artichoke hearts imported from Spain--but I can...
  3. seeking_wholeness

    Help With Canned Beans!

    I have, but it's been a while. I think I still have some on hand, so I'll give it another go if I can get myself motivated. I'm in the grip of a mood swing at the moment (probably gluten-induced, although it's not entirely clear; but since...
  4. Hi, all! I find myself repeatedly reacting to meals that contain canned beans. After I determined recently that I was also reacting to the brand of chicken broth (Imagine Foods--labeled gluten-free and No MSG/No HVP, but I still react...
  5. seeking_wholeness

    What To Do

    That sounds awful! Have they actually ruled out Crohn's disease in your case? Another possibility that sounds like it might be quite relevant is microscopic colitis, which sometimes goes along with celiac disease but doesn't always improve...
  6. seeking_wholeness


    Their gluten-free menu definitely changed recently. I clearly remember a six- or seven-page menu on which it was stated (repeatedly, if I recall correctly) that ALL salad dressings were gluten-free, but now the menu is two pages long, the...
  7. seeking_wholeness

    Autolyzed Yeast

    I know it is possible for autolyzed yeast extract to be gluten-free, but I can't say for sure that it always is. The thing to be aware of with any autolyzed protein is that it generates MSG (among other things, presumably) when combined...
  8. seeking_wholeness


    I don't know if others have had this problem, but I failed to notice the recent change in the (very) fine print of Outback's gluten-free menu and got sick after eating a salad with their house dressing, mustard vinaigrette. I'm actually...
  9. seeking_wholeness

    Whole Foods, Sun Harvest

    The Whole Foods near me doesn't have an entirely separate gluten-free section, but all the gluten-free foods are next to each other on the shelves so you don't have to waste time scutinizing every item to find one that's OK. I haven't seen...
  10. seeking_wholeness

    Corn Meal, Corn Grits, Etc

    Bob's Red Mill's Mighty Tasty gluten-free Hot Cereal is pretty much yellow grits with a bit of brown rice, sorghum, and buckwheat added. Of course, its flavor is not quite the same as pure cornmeal or grits. It's still good, though. ...
  11. ADevoto, When you mentioned that your son is spacey and that he eats a lot of gluten, I thought of this website that addresses some possible effects of gluten (and casein) on the brain. These effects are possible even without overt celiac...
  12. After reading the news item here at celiac.com about irritable bowel syndrome possibly being triggered by IgG antibodies to food, I started wondering whether maybe the degree of intestinal involvement in celiac disease might correlate directly...
  13. Twister2, If someone said that to me, I would respond "Yeah, you're right about that. But the difference between me and everyone else is that I am committed to getting and staying healthy, and the only way I can accomplish that is by...
  14. roxyk, Oh, my heavens! Your mother-in-law sounds like mine--especially the part about being convinced that I am just being a hypochondriac to get attention! My kids both have celiac disease, too, and my mother-in-law has expressed the...
  15. seeking_wholeness

    Help! How Strict?!

    Regarding Bob's Red Mill, I am very glad they mark their products. I guess my problem was that since I already knew that they have a dedicated line for gluten-free products and I know off the top of my head which flours are naturally gluten...