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  1. I recently contacted Baja Fresh and they confirmed the recipes changed about 2 years ago, and that the rice is deep fried...
  2. I've been eating at Baja fresh for years. When I thought I had Celiac disease I stopped eating out altogether. A couple...
  3. jensey

    When Should You Stop Dairy, Corn, Coffee, Soy,... ?

    Oops I accidentally didn't post a reply, still haven't learned to navigate this site well. Anyway. I will ACTUALLY...
  4. After dealing with a General practitioner who admittedly didn't know much about celiac disease I found my way to a pretty...
  5. While watching a documentary about corn I thought "hey, are there any documentaries about celiac disease and or gluten...
  6. slowly but surely recovering!

  7. jensey

    What Do I Call Myself?

    I concur with why label...but I think celiac is probably certain, but I am no doctor. As others stated it is not really...
  8. Thanks for your understanding and response. I hope all goes well with you. I am grateful and aware that the awareness...
  9. Thanks Raven. Oh do the responders get notified of your reply? The anger comes and goes. The frustration is more...
  10. I have found one of the hardest parts in dealing with people who are unaware of celiac is expressing that you will take...
  11. This site is fantastic! It's rough having to think about every meal, snack, possible thing you will ingest especially...
  12. Still learning how to respond on here. I am not sure if it is best to keep original response about the post and reply...
  13. Noni, Thanks! I know, RIGHT! GRRRRRR SOMETIMES! It isn't easy, I haven't heard that from people yet, but when you...
  14. Almost 41. Diagnosed with celiac July 11, 2009. Was a bakery manager at the time. Shifting jobs and getting better!

  15. I totally understand that it is in fact TRUE no one CAN understand until they have gone through it themselves because...