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  1. "Numerous cases of DCM have been reported in smaller dogs, whose primary source of nutrition was food containing peas, lentils, other legume seeds or potatoes as main ingredients." In commercial kibble you need some filler, so if not grains, something even worse goes in the mix. Rule of thumb in my pack - the amount of grains fed is the exact amount that goes out the other way undigested. Same goes for legumes but who would feed their dogs legumes when feeding fresh diet, right? Not even vegans. ?
  2. "Gluten is absolutely necessary for most people to survive - that is why it is called vital wheat gluten" OMG! (I miss the smiley rolling on its back laughing here)
  3. Hi, here's a list of what was causing my symptoms. migrains, brain fog - rice alergy, wheat/rye alergy - including inhaled wheat around bakeries, pizza places, I don't need to eat my allergens to get sick. Even someone else warming up rice gave me two days of bad migrain. brain fog, orthostatic hypotension - yeast overgrowth and glutenning fatigue - anything mentioned above plus nightshades and low blood pressure loss of hunger - glutening and something else I still can't figure out - seems like I only get this when my thyroid is hyperactive which usualy happens a couple of days after gluten exposure. Hope it helps a little. I know how hard it is to find what's causing which symptom. It took me about a year to figure the rice alergy since most of the rice products can also be cc with wheat so I always blamed cross contamination.
  4. I sometimes get very bad stomach cramps and D after drinking coffee or black tea. It happens about one out of 10 times and mostly when I don't put milk, other than that I haven't the slightest clue why I get this reaction. It's not my gluten symptoms so no cc involved.
  5. And part of this urban legend is that this high level of processing removes all the gluten (or other allergen). Sensitive individuals DO react even to these highly processed ingredients. On the other side, I never had problems with caramel coloring or glucose syrup here in America. Can't say the same about Europe.
  6. I had the same problem before going gluten-free and twice after bad glutenning - each time it took me about 3 months to get better.
  7. That includes gluten in his soap and other body care products. (
  8. Higher casein content, additives/colorants, iodized salt?
  9. I've read that soy intolerance can cause similar biopsy results as mild celiac - March 1a, but not the full celiac damage (flattened villi, etc.). I know your tests showed no deficiencies, but quite often that is just a trick of the body taking vitamins and minerals from tissues to keep the blood levels where it need them to be. This way you get deficiency symptoms first while blood levels will only start to drop later on. Vegan diet lacks B12, which can cause your neuro symptoms. Low magnesium can also cause neuro symptoms and most food is low on it nowaday.
  10. not molecules as big as gluten, but the small ones (hormones, parabenes...) you DO absorb.
  11. If it was the smell itself, at least you'd have a clue which place to avoid. Soo often I only know it's time to run when I'm already dizzy with blurred vision and itchy all over...
  12. Birthday Cake

    I don't use mixes, but otherwise I have the same experience - cakes and cookies are the easiest thing to make gluten-free without people noticing any difference... I use bean flour if I want to make flour cake. Most often I skip the flour and use only "the good stuff" as my family calls it - nuts, coconut, chocolate, pinapple, poppy seed, cocoa.
  13. I'm not concerned about gluten getting through the skin into the poor fishes flesh, that is quite impossible. I meant gluten caught up in the fish's gills and jaws while breathing/eating. The reason is I often get sick from soups I make. At first I was suspicious of everything else, but it all seems like the culprits are heads/necks and other GI track parts of gluten-eating animals. The first time this possibility crossed my mind was when I made identical rabbit soup two days in a row and the batch with head and neck in it made me sick. Fish soup (usually with carp heads) makes me bloated, but I always acredited that to the carrot, celery and croutons in it and never paid much attention to the symptoms. Then once I made the soup with pike and no bloating. So, happy that maybe I can tolerate carrot better, I made the soup again few weeks later using carp and bam - the bloating and fatigue got me again. Last half a year I've been only eating heads when I know the animal didn't eat gluten (otherwise the neighbours cat has it). I didn't get sick yet. I just don't know what to think of it. I feel like a total idiot, but then - every single time I ignored what my body was telling me and trusted the "common sense" and nay-sayers instead, I was wrong. Who knows... That's why I would like to hear if anybody here experienced anything similar.
  14. What about parts of the animal that do get in direct contant with gluten? Or farm-raised fish that pretty much swim in gluten soup all their life? Does anybody here get unexplained reactions to those?
  15. If you can get the scope (+biopsy) done soon, then I would do it, even on gluten-free diet. Negative results don't mean you cannot continue eating gluten-free. Intestine healing might take up to two years so after a month gluten-free you still have some chance, especially if your doctor seems to be aware that you might get false negative results due to being alreagy gluten-free. I only got scoped 6 week or so after going gluten-free and there was still some minimal damage visible. I got diagnosed with celiac based on that and my reaction to gluten-free diet.
  16. "You can eat THAT, it's all natural, no chemicals in it." "It's CHEESE cracker, you can surely eat those. I bought them for you." Just recently my sweet mother-in-law, who just doesn't get the diet at all, brought back a bag of flour tortillas from the store asking: "You can eat those, no? It's just tortillas." "But that is so DANGEROUS to eat gluten-free!" (I think because I would lack protein, but it was a few year ago so I don't remember.) Some online health food store: "Gluten is dietetic fiber that is essential for human body. People that have to unfortunately avoid gluten cannot obtain enough dietetic fiber from natural food to make up for the lack of gluten in their diet and therefore need to buy special food supplements..." Another invaluable piece of online information: "Due to lack of important vitamins and nutrients in gluten-free foods, people with celiac diet have to periodically eat gluten to avoid deficiencies." The missing nutrients included protein, fiber and almost all vitamins. I would almost swear I saw even B12 in the list.
  17. You can try to substitute almond flour with some ground cashew nuts, they are low in salicylates. I am allergic to almonds and always use whatever other nuts I have, never noticed any big difference in flavor or texture. Poppy seeds are also low in sals, although they might give a bit different flavor to the bread.
  18. All worchester sauces I've ever seen contained gluten, but they were all in Europe (Czech republic) and I never really tried to find a gluten-free one, just checked them out of curiosity while shopping...
  19. Mayo is relatively easy to make - whisk egg yolk (room temperature) with oil, then add lemon juice, salt, mustard seed powder. Add oil and lemon juice slowly - drop by drop. As for the water issues - I eat lots of iceberg lettuce and I'm pretty sure it has lots of water too (and almost nothing else :-) ). Would eating soups help you?
  20. Totally agree with that. Just recently I was reading an interesting article about how statins "help" the body: http://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/why_statins_dont_really_work.html
  21. Well, at least I know which parts of the world I should avoid: http://www.cdc.gov/ticks/maps/lone_star_tick.pdf I know I could live without eating meat, but I definitively don't want to. Maybe it has something to do with antibodies cross-reactivity? Body will make antibodies against some infection transfered buy the bug and these will cross-react with certain meat proteins? There are theories linking autoimmune diseases to infections via the same route.
  22. Cereal

    I have a dehydrator and it is priceless for making snacks - meat, fruit, even veggies to make home-made instant soups. I also dry cooked beans and chickpea to make uncontaminated flour. The only draw-back is that I get fat from eating too much dried meat. You can dry all that in the oven too, but that gets quite expensive. You can pop rice too. Try google it up - there should be some good recipe somewhere. I grew up on it (this one: http://www.kavoviny.cz/Hlavni-sortiment/Arizonky-70g.aspx), but never made it myself. If you can do dairy, apples with high-fat cheese are very filling snack too.
  23. If a bakery makes rye bread, the flour gets into the air and contaminates pretty much everything and nobody will care too much since all the gluten grains are considered as the same alergen. Beside that, rye, wheat, barley and oat grains look very similar so I suppose wheat flour will be often contaminated? In the field close to our house, every time they sow wheat, there is lots of rye mixed in - rye is higher so you can see it very well even from a distance. Also, are you sure you don't react to other grains? With allergy you have over quite high chance of cross-reacting to other gluten grains and also a lesser chance of reacting to other grains - rice, corn, millet. Did you get tested for celiac as well or just allergies? Since you are lactose intolerant, it might be worth testing. To track down rye contamination, the easiest thing you can do is going gluten-free for now and then test your reaction to different wheat, barley and oats products. I know it sucks to avoid more than you would need just due to contamination, but at least you have the choice - avoid a few more things or feel crappy. (need to admit I go for the crappy option sometimes ) IMHO it will be very hard to get uncontaminated wheat and barley. Good luck!
  24. For me getting lightheaded was a typical sign of magnesium deficiency. Try high-fat high-protein food - nuts, seeds, dry meat, boiled eggs. Fats are much safer source of energy when your body struggles to keep your blood sugar levels withing normal range.
  25. I get itchy rash every time I wash "glutened" dishes without gloves. If there was too much gluten, I get sore and unhealing cuts alongside my fingernails that take weeks to get better. I am allergic to gluten besides celiac so my reactions are not always typical for celiac/gluten intolerance. Could be reaction to something else too.
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