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  1. I thought the Honey Nut Chex were gluten-free? It says it is gluten-free on the box and I don't see anything listed that makes me suspicious. Though, the box does not mention whether or not there could be cross contamination as the usual practice. However, for the last two days I've been reacting like I've had gluten. It is so frustrating trying to figure out the things that cause my reaction. I hate when I get an attack it is so draining. My son just told me "Mom, I think you've had gluten" and I asked him why and he said "because you're in the bathroom a lot lately" So, now the Chex our out, the Stevia is out, the coffee is out, the creamer is out and I'm back to scratching my head and only leaving the house for short trips and scoping out the bathrooms.
  2. If I have ginger cookies I get a ginger tongue. It feels like I've hot drink...scalded tongue. Ginger ale I seem to be okay...maybe it's diluted enough but in way.
  3. Does anyone every have problems with Stevia? I got it b/c I'd heard that it was better than Splenda (which I never liked anyway purely on taste). I also got Truvia. I tried the Truvia first. I liked it just fine. I never reacted badly to it. I ran out of it though and so I busted out my Stevia which has prepackaged serving sizes. I only have one serving with my one cup of joe a day and my gluten-free creamer (which I also didn't have problems with). I've not had a problem until now. After a few uses I noticed I would get the same kind of thing that I get when I have gluten...gas, bloating, pain and the big D. Everything I've read says that Stevia doesn't have this problem for people (unless they have large quantities). I've also read that it should be fine for people with Celiac. However, I know that everybody is different so what works for all may not work for a small few. I just want to know just how alone I am in this one. I could be wrong, it could be something else but I don't think so. BTW, the Honey Nut Chex are AWESOME! I love them.
  4. I got sick in January 08 and quit smoking as a result. My symptoms which were mild and not terribly noticeable to me (the occasional bloat w/ D I could blame on coffee or eating something bad) got immediately worse once I recovered from my illness. The first thing was the worst constipation I've ever had. Then came the gas bubbles and bloat. I was eating fiber pills, drinking water like crazy. When I did finally go to the bathroom it was god awful pain and discomfort with both a mix of the constipation and the big D. Then came the stomach pains like I had swallowed rocks - that would last for days. The weight gain came on quickly too. I was trying to improve my constipation so I was eating a lot of grainy foods and brans...but it only got worse. I discovered that eating meat made my stomach pains better. I don't like a lot of meat but I desperate. I would order hamburgers and take the bread off. The sour taste in my mouth lasted for only a week but that is what finally sent me to the doctor who gave me prilosec and sent me for an ultra sound. They also did a lot of blood tests and poop tests which didn't result in any discoveries. It turned out that my ultrasound showed some kind of damage to my liver. I also have a thyroid nodule that was discovered b/c I went back to the doctor and he thought my thyroid seemed enlarged though my blood tests didn't show anything off. So I was miserable, exhausted and frustrated. I kept telling my husband that everything dated back to when I got sick and subsequently quit smoking. I just recently read in a book on Celiacs that smoking seems to keep the symptoms of Celiac somewhat under control. It is possible the nicotine is the reason. Which was interesting b/c I can not tell you how many times I damn near ran out and got a nicotine patch so I could "feel normal" (that is what I told my husband). I hated smoking. I am glad to be rid of that bad habit. I don't miss it but I do miss feeling relatively normal. I think the medical community would do well to investigate the medicinal effects of nicotine on Celiacs.
  5. bellypain

    Bloody Noses?

    Thank you for your replies. Thank God for this site! I don't feel quite so much like hypochondriac. The last year and a half has been a nightmare of symptoms that just kept piling up. I was running out of "specialists" to go to and my family doctor only wanted to treat the symptoms with pills (which didn't work).
  6. I have yet to be diagnosed with Celiacs but I'm not really worried so much about that than learning to deal with the symptoms. I simply can't afford anymore to pay for a doctors best guess or indifference. I've been to many and I'm done trying to deal with it. I've taken a bunch of blood tests that tell them and me nothing new (I just wanted to get that part out of the way). I had been gluten free for three weeks BUT I did a foolish thing last Wednesday. A friend had a birthday party and I had piece of cake. I don't even like cake but I had it anyway (I guess it was part of that "I'm depriving myself" feeling). OMG! The next day the pain, the gas, the diarrhea, the headache and nausea came on with a vengeance. I was sick for three days. I had to leave work twice because I just didn't feel good. I now feel better since it seems the worst of the gluten attack is over. But I've noticed that I have a bloody-ish nose. I blow it and it is bloody though not bleeding. I've had this problem on and off in my adult life. When I was kid I used to get bloody noses all the time but when I was 17 it stopped. Now I just get the bloody snot. So I got to wondering if this is also a part of my gluten problem, is it common? I also have congestion with the bloody snot (yuck). I hadn't had the bloody snot for a couple weeks which so it does seem it got better without gluten in my life. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. I can not tell you how many hours I spent on the Internet trying to find these symptoms for the last year and a half, especially the upper left ab pain, to figure out what was causing me pain. I went to the doctor. He thought it was GERD. Gave me an OTC (prilosec) which only kind of works after taking it for days. Then I went for an ultrasound. I didn't hear anything back for 8 months. Then my doctor decided to send me to a GI doc. I hadn't had any of the symptoms for a couple of months so I thought "what's the big deal". Turns out that the ultrasound should my liver was uneven in texture. I have no idea what that means. I had more rounds of tests to make sure it wasn't hepatitis or some other liver problem. It wasn't anything detectable and my liver enzymes were fine. It's a mystery that my doctors seem willing to just sit on rather than investigate more thoroughly...great. So now I have pain and I finally narrowed it down to gluten b/c every time I eat something with gluten I get a major pain and tons of gas. I'm tired all the time. I have pain in my hips, my feet and now my knees. They cramp, ache and burn. I have constipation unless I eat a ton of veggies and fruit. Then I get diarrhea ( I hate that I can't trust my body). My female parts are behaving as if I'm menopausal (I'm 34). My lower back hurts and now I'm experiencing kidney like pain even though I drink the advised daily water amount. I just recently went gluten free and have noticed some improvements. It's been hard trying to find out where it is hiding (my coffee creamer seems to set it off). I haven't gone back to my doctors b/c frankly I no longer trust doctors. I don't like paying literally and figuratively for their guessing games and dismissals. I've had some kind of stomach on and off all my life but a year ago is when it took off. Two things happened at that time. One, I quit smoking (wasn't a heavy smoker but did in the evening) and two, I got really sick with some weird virus (which was suspiciously like Mono or Strep). After that is when the pain started. I don't know my own body anymore. I'm so frustrated.