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  1. I think I have something like this, though with all my other problems I've not really thought to bring it up to a doctor again (the first and only time I did he treated me like I was nuts and decided I had anxiety disorder - needless to say he was dropped for a new doc). It has gotten better since...
  2. I'm still relatively newly diagnosed (2 months), but the last time I was cross contaminated it took me out for at least 2 weeks, with other symptoms persisting close to a month or more (mostly joint pain and bloating). When I'm glutened severe fatigue is the worst, I'm bedridden until it passes...
  3. I was just told I have celiac sprue last month and on top of that I also have endometriosis, raynaulds and am now in the process of confirming a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and possible hypoparathyroidism. I think celiac's can act as a domino effect if it isn't found soon enough. I've read...