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  1. Bethinjapan

    Got Results Back Today

    Thanks for the reply! That very well might be it! It's worth a try!!
  2. I had my doctor appt. today to get the results of the blood tests and endoscopy. I've been eagerly counting down to this...
  3. Emily, I believe one of my posts could have been one of the ones that sparked this discussion, so just thought I would...
  4. Bethinjapan

    Bobs Red Mill gluten-free Bread Mix

    I'm also just about a week and a half into gluten free and had the same reaction to a Bob's Red Mill product the other...
  5. Bethinjapan

    Totally Confused

    Thanks for your reply! It helps to know I'm not the only one who's had problems with the Bob's Red Mill. I totally thought...
  6. I had my blood tests and endo last Friday, just over a week ago. Up until that time, I was eating gobs of gluten (which...
  7. This is very interesting to me too. I'm waiting on results of blood tests and biopsy, but am fully expecting them to...
  8. Bethinjapan

    Prego Italian Sauce, Mushroom Flavor

    Thank you so much! That's a huge help! Never would have thought to go to the Campbells' site since it says go to WWW...
  9. Very new to all of this, and still not sure how much to worry about "spice" and "flavoring" on the ingredient list. I...
  10. Bethinjapan

    Teaching English Abroad, Especially Asia

    We have been in Japan for over six years now, and I'm just gearing up to make the switch to gluten free after the rest...
  11. Bethinjapan

    Can Celiac Cause Extreme Morning Sickness

    Thanks everyone for your replies! I happened to come across this in my searching. Thought you might be interested! http...
  12. Yes, my process was just like the previous poster, only here, they asked me to stay in the hospital all day and didn...
  13. I had my appointment today to get the results of my pill cam that was done on Wednesday. First of all, she thought my...
  14. My hands and arms go to sleep horribly at night too! During the day as well, but worse at night. It's so annoying! I...
  15. Bethinjapan

    Can Celiac Cause Extreme Morning Sickness

    Thanks for your replies! I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. I will probably still hold onto some hope...