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  1. ilikechaitea04

    Loosing Weight, Not Good

    I'm having the same problem! I've lost almost 25 lbs. I'm a mere 97 lbs now. Used to be 115 (prior to diagnosis) then...
  2. ilikechaitea04


    I have experienced something similar. I used to eat chocolate 24/7 then went on the gluten-free diet/yf diet for 2 months...
  3. ilikechaitea04

    Wild Dreams

    Oh my goodness I feel your pain! I have these gluten filled nightmares as well! Just the other night I dreamnt I ate...
  4. ilikechaitea04

    Problems Digesting Animal Proteins After Biopsy

    Plain with hain sea salt mostly. It depends. Sometimes adding a bit of Eden crushed tomatoes for sauce or some ground...
  5. Hello everyone. I was on a primarily gluten-free diet for about a year, then symptoms got bad and i got a blood test...
  6. I know that Dixie has confirmed that their paper products contain trace amounts of gluten. Does anyone know of SAFE...
  7. ilikechaitea04

    How Much Protein Do We Need?

    Hey there! I work at a health food store with a licensed nutritionist. ** Rule of thumb for protein is to eat half...
  8. ilikechaitea04

    College And An Active Life Style. Ah!

    Hey there! there are some great protein bars that could tie you over or doing like a protein shake for breakfast. I...
  9. I get severe constipation that mimics my Celiac symptoms the week before and during my period. At first when it started...
  10. ilikechaitea04

    Anyone With An Eating Disorder?

    Hey There! You are not alone, I was diagnosed with Celiac in January but knew I had it long before, and recently have...
  11. ilikechaitea04

    Eating Disorders?

    Hey there! You're not alone. You sound just like me. I am a sophomore in college and I had felt sick for so long before...
  12. ilikechaitea04

    Glutened From Kissing?

    Hello everyone! I recently came up positive on a Celiac blood panel after having horrible C, brain fog, sleepless, bloating...