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  1. I've been doing some research into some cook books and came upon this one: Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking: Over...
  2. Ariauna


    I am a bit confused on something and thought I might find a quick answer here. I am cooking a turkey in a bag this year...
  3. Ariauna

    How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?!

    Generally I sleep 7 to 8 hours although there are times that I have needed 9 and felt GREAT after getting it. When I...
  4. Okay I am wondering if there is any butter or margarine that is soy based vs milk/dairy based along with gluten-free...
  5. Ariauna

    Sweet Potato

    Oh thank you I had no idea it would be that easy and I am getting really tired of having basic pan cooked potato with...
  6. Is a fresh sweet potato gluten free and does anyone have a good recipe for a sweet potato casserole/dish that would be...
  7. Ariauna

    Baking With Rice Flours

    Sure! I too am no egg and no milk.
  8. I am curious because I find publications that say Heinz ketchup is safe yet I ate some of it with some homemade potato...
  9. Ariauna

    Hunger Ups And Downs?

    I make my own gluten free trail mix and eat a handful between my meals sometimes that satisfies me so much that I skip...
  10. Ariauna

    Chicken Ideas Please

    Oh this does sound yummy too and I am always looking for any new recipes that are GERD friendly. Don't suppose any of...
  11. Ariauna

    Chicken Ideas Please

    I did not know that Kraft dressings were safe, since only 4 months gluten-free Ive tried to only use things labeled gluten...
  12. Ariauna

    Spring Tree Maple Syrup

    Thanks!! I am hoping it tastes great and will be using it for more things if it is!
  13. Ariauna

    Chicken Ideas Please

    Thank you all so much for the recipe and cooking ideas I am very excited to hit the store and try them out. I didn't...
  14. Ariauna


    Thanks for the info on the shrimp, I have not seen any conflict with ingredients at Walmart. I will have to keep checking...