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  1. I think I listed Honey Nut Chex earlier on this list. I decided during my last grocery trip that I'd try it again to see if it was the Chex or something else, and I've had it four breakfasts in a row without a reaction. When I did react, it was pretty early on in my diet, so maybe I had actually...
  2. Wow -- how did I miss this thread? I haven't got anything to add today as I'm mourning the closing of my favorite gluten-free pizza place. I'm not sure how anything will take its place.
  3. Add me to the list of folks not reacting well to Cinnamon Chex (and, yes, I double and triple checked that it's the gluten-free one). I've been feeling glutened for three days now (when I started eating it), and I chalked it up to having gone out to eat a few days ago and there being CC. This morning...