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  1. Have you tried the brownies yet? They are unbelievable! Just like the real thing.
  2. Wow! That's pretty much me too. I bounced around different specialists who all gave up and came to the conclusion, after multiple pregnancy tests because I looked 4 months pregnant all the time, that I had IBS. They told me to take benefiber-made from wheat- and essentially suck it up. I went to my little brother's endocrinologist-he has Addison's- and we went through the elimination and reintroduction diet. It was hell. I knew then that the gluten was definetly making me sick because after only a few days going gluten free, my bloat went away and I was regular again. Additionally, my skin sores when away. However, when it came time for the reintroduction, I only made it 7 days. Bringing back the bloat was more than I could bear. Because of this, my doctor says I didn't sufficiently build back up my antibodies. In any case, once all of my doctors saw the improvement in my bloat, skin, constipation, and abdominal pain, they all agreed that I should remain gluten-free. I think IBS is the most grandiose cop out to avoid taking the time to diagnose serious life-threatening conditions. Many of my family members have Crohn's and they had to fight for their doctors to give them the time of day after years of "IBS" and laxatives. People are becoming more aware, but as with anything medical, I suppose, you have to be your own advocate.
  3. I had pyloric stenosis that was corrected surgically when I was a few weeks old. I've had Raynaud's for years and just recently was diagnosed with Celiac, I am about to get tested for Crohn's. Are these diseases related?